Possible Coaching Change?


Anyone catch Gould’s comment on this on channel nine this evening?

Kind of sounds like the club may be gearing up for Ciraldo to take over with Wallace assisting.

I know we are starting to slide, but if there is any truth in this it’s certainly from left field.

Maybe related to Cleary’s resigning?

Not trying to start a conspiracy, it’s just a bit strange.

This rumour started at the same place most Panthers/Gould rumours start - Rothfield, and as usual, in the lead up to a game against his beloved Sharks. I won’t lose too much sleep over this one.

Gus was asked a few questions about the Panthers and “reviews” and “tensions” at the club on 100% Footy [Source] and he categorically denied that was happening, stating that a review was conducted during the rep round bye by Griffin and Gould and finding were shared with players and staff the next week.

Gould also mention there is one “journalist” in particular that has a hatred for the club and loves to make up stories based on snippets of information taken way out of context, he didn’t name him by name but it was clear he was talking a out Rothfield.

I think this has been blown way out of proportion, these stories are pissing in the wind hoping to hit something.

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Thanks for that.

I guess I fell into a buzz trap then, lol

I liked the Graeme Hughes comment on Controversy corner.
Rothfield - Don’t you believe anything I say
Hughes - Ray Dib
Rothfield - What has that got to do with anything
Hughes - You were in support of Ray Dib - You got that wrong

LOL - It went to crap after that - Anyone with an ounce of credibility knows Rothfield’s agenda’s, It just goes to show, Hyperbole is acceptable in todays media.

Hillfan gave us the heads up a month ago.

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Would of been better if this had happened a month ago me thinks


we’ll be right, you wait and see.