Predicted team for round one

Hi, folks, I am new here, so if this topic has been covered already, I apologize.

What’s your predicted team for round one?

Here’s mine:

  1. Edwards
  2. Staines
  3. Crichton
  4. Tago
  5. To’o
  6. Luai
  7. Cleary
  8. Leota
  9. Api
  10. Fisher-Harris
  11. Martin
  12. Soreson
  13. Yeo
  14. O’Sullivan
  15. Kiks
  16. May
  17. Leniu

they’re probably goin to squeeze Kikau in somewhere ! :wink:
Not sure about Taylan May but Mitch Kenny could be a utility.

Hi, yeah I realized my error, however, I thought that I edited the post. I think Taylan could make the side. O’Sullivan would be better served in the side. He needs to learn the ropes, so he can provide adequate coverage during origin time.

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I agree with most of the selections, but Mitch Kenny would need to be in that side.

Considering Koroisau is leaving us, we need to give Kenny as much game time as possible. I would have him as a utility this year.

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I would love to see Sean O’Sullivan extended. He is a great player.

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