Quoting a specific post

Steve, Is there a way we can respond to a specific post as we used to with the ‘quote’ option? It will get difficult if 2 people try to comment to each other, particularly given some of the time delays between posts.


Ah yes, I wasn’t a fan on how this quoted, but after using it a bit it makes sense. It’s hidden in plain sight, but even I had to go looking for it at first.

To quote text, all you need to do i highlight the text that you want to quote and a “Quote” button will appear. Then it will open a new reply and paste the quote in with the quote tags.

Just like the example below you can see I have highlighted the text in your post and the “Quote” button has appeared

Doing this will produce the following post content.

You can also do this as your writing your reply, the thread in the background can be highlighted and quotes can be made anywhere in your post.

Hope this helps. Give it a try and see and if you still have problems let me know.

Sweeeet - Cheers mate

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