Ref's threaten strike

Caught a news grab of the head of the Referees Union saying that a ref’s strike over the possible move to just one ref for the NRL in 2020, was possible.

These guys need to be very careful. Whilst the players are highly skilled professional athletes that are essential to the game, the refs not so much. Do they not realise that if Ben Cummins, in particular, did not arrive for a game, there is little doubt that they could just find someone walking down the street outside the ground who most likely would do a better job :wink:


Especially if it’s a Penrith game !!!

When you think about it, they are being asked for more work (same pay?) by doing it on their own, but this season requires a different attitude.

Like the players who don’t want the needle, Good Bye !

So the refs ‘fight’ for the 2 ref deal, but we’re going with 1.

So, I’m mindful of the ’ beware what you wish for’ concept, but am thinking that the 1 ref will be a better option, with

  • more consistent application/interpretation of the rules. You know the just as bad for both teams idea :slight_smile:
  • the not getting penalized just because the 2nd ref feels a need to justify his role & blow a BS penalty straight after a possession change when he is caught as the ’ lead’ ref
  • maybe with refs as the touch judges, they will actually see things, instead of now where the touchies have their eyes painted on

Now all that said, all bets are off when it comes to Ben Cummins, arguably the worst ref since Don McDonald/Barry Gomersall

From my perspective, the ‘howler’ can be returned with the next 50/50 and all is forgiven !