Rep Round Panthers Selected

The following Panthers have been selected to play in the upcoming NRL Representative Round.

SOO Game 2 :nsw: NSW v QLD :qld:        :nsw: Ivan Cleary, :nsw: James Maloney, :nsw: Regan Campbell-Gillard,
:nsw: Tyrone Peachey
:new_zealand: : New Zealand v England :uk: :new_zealand: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, :new_zealand: James Fisher-Harris
:papua_new_guinea: Papua New Guinea v Fiji :fiji: :fiji: Tyrone Phillips
:tonga: Tonga v Samoa :samoa: :samoa: Christian Crichton, :tonga: Sione Katoa, :samoa: Tyrone May
:malta: Malta v South Africa :south_africa: None

Re SOO 3

Why is the neutral ground venue used first up?
1 a piece, decider at a neutral venue.

The series has been decided, NSW victorious.
How do you reckon the presentation will pan out in Qld?

The toads are likely to take centre stage with a farewell
to Smith etc etc etc. Don’t make sense to me. Is a player
Bigger than the event itself?

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