RIP Peter Mulholland

Peter Mulholland, a member of our 2003 coaching staff, has passed away after a battle with cancer.

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Sad news. Well respected man, with a good eye for talent. If I recall correctly he was a school teacher before coming to us. Never heard anyone have a bad word for him.
I recall talking with him after the ‘Steve Clark’ game ( when Clark blew over 20 penalties for play the ball offences to make a point) about working with Royce which was an interesting insight.
RIP Peter.


I’m pretty sure that he was teaching at St Greg’s Campbelltown in the early 90’s. I remember a mate, who did his HSC in 1994, telling me he was taught by Mulholland.

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He did Mutley, I was playing cricket for Campbelltown and we played at St Gregs, The school footy team were training on the top paddock in the heat. Peter was doing the ‘60 second lap’ - he had 2 forwards with 2 backs and they had to run around the entire field within 60 seconds. I took it back to St Mary’s because it wasn’t about the time, it was about the backs challenging the forwards, because during a game it’s the forwards who bring the backs along…that is where I got my love for “Forward” thinking. Moses and Fish are the epitome of this thinking.


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