Round 2 v Rabbitohs MOTM

Vote for your Round 2 v Rabbitohs Man of the Match

Penrith Panthers 16 Tries Stephen Crichton, Izack Tago, Brian To’o.
Goals Nathan Cleary (1/3) Stephen Crichton (1/1)
South Sydney Rabbitohs 10 Tries Alex Johnston, Isaiah Tass.
Goals Latrell Mitchell (1/2)
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Sunia Turuva
  • Izack Tago
  • Stephen Crichton
  • Brian To’o
  • Jarome Luai
  • Nathan Cleary
  • Moses Leota
  • Mitch Kenny
  • James Fisher-Harris
  • Luke Garner
  • Liam Martin
  • Isaah Yeo
  • Soni Luke
  • Matthew Eisenhuth
  • Spencer Leniu
  • Jaeman Salmon

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can we give them all a tick!!

way too hard to single any player over another


I think for the first time ever I gave Eisenhuth a vote, bent the bunnies back with every run he made. Was a hard pick this week which is a good thing

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This is what we like, every player putting in & deserving a point. Very hard to pick 3.

Wow, most of the team have earned votes, yet non so far for Cleary, he didn’t have a bad game by any means, but gee that shows how far we have come as team.

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Not to mention 4-5 seasons ago when everyone would vote for Fish and struggle to find anyone else worthy