SBW to the Roosters - forgive me I thought NRL had a salary cap

The title says it all!

Now if he goes to the Dogs, Titans or Broncos, all could be forgiven. But how on earth could the games glamor club get him under the cap?

Reckon V’landies has an angry supporter base on his hands if this goes through.

Good for the game - bah humbug!

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Everyone has a cap except the Roosters, they have a sombrero :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To further exacerbate the ‘salary cap’ situation, if he does sign with the Roosters, he is giving up his $5 million dollar a season contract, the NRL will not allow him to have a 2nd contract.

So if he does go to the Rorters, question should be asked, who gives up 5+ million $ - Answer - No-one !

He will get it returned to him somehow, Maybe a 10 year guarantee of 500k a season to be on the “coaching staff” - plus all the other gratuities we don’t see, like cars, expense cards etc etc

The owner of the Timberwolves was on the news last night. He said he can’t believe the NRL are being the way they are over the existing contract, but they have lawyers who know how to get around these things, so they will cancel the contract & just pay $SBW the money next year. Clearly no morals with this guy - lets see what holier-than-thou $SBW does about this.

It’s funny how $$ change the perspective of those with the moral high ground as their catch cry !

Watching the story on the news right now, part of me wishes he brings back Covid, the whole roosters squad into quarantine, and the roosters have to field their home grown juniors.

Oh hang on… that won’t work :joy:

He’s already out injured for the rest of the year

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