Season 2020 Discussion - What would you change?

While we are on comparisons, I just saw this comparing our stats from 2018 & 2019. Pretty much sums up why we have gone backwards.

Damn! That’s pretty ugly…

Not sure what we need to do going forward, as we look an inferior outfit for 2020 then we could possibly have imagined a year ago, or for that matter at any point in past 3-4 years.

Anyway, seems that Dragons are headed down the Panthers path, with reports that Gould will be doing the review there at seasons end. Odds are he will, after a lot of work :wink: , recommend he be appointed as ‘Head of Football’ on a big salary & proceed to set them on the path of bring the greatest sporting club in the world in 5 years. Likely his fav C. Ciraldo will end up with the coaching gig.

yes heard that today as well and thought exactly the same, let me save you from yourselves and leave a train wreck as he did at Panthers.
We didn’t earn the right to be in the finals this year but what is disappointing is how we haven’t improved at all in any area.
The stats posted by Mutley are quite sobering and one thing as a coach you would think, well i can’t fix everything but let me fix them 1 at a time but what his graphic shows is just how poorly we executed on every metric with NO improvement in a single one
Now all Clear uses ins pressers is how we have a young squad and cites the use of the number of debutantes
I know there is no parallel with this sport but i have just watched a 19 YO kid who failed to qualify for the US open last year beat Serena in here FIRST.yes her first Grand Slam final
She cited how she believed and never gave up her belief in herself.

The point of this is she was a debutante, maybe its the drive of the players we are introducing which needs to be questioned and how they are being coached.

I remember a kid named Fittler who was introduced to us by Ron Willey in 1989 , maybe its the coach, the player or a combination of both but one thing about Fittler, he did believe

This year has been a mess full of empty promises, mistakes, false starts, and lies and we got what we deserved
as MrW has touched on.the concern this is what we take into 2020
I don’t see where we have improved enough to cause any troubles to the Top 8 of this year and teams like Bulldogs have improved at the end of the season.

I just cannot see us making the 8 in 2020 with who we have as players, who we have as a coach and where we are at as a team

Give them all 2 months off…and ask them to look at themselves and where they want to be same time in 2020

If they don’t want to have a dig…let them go and let us field a team of kids who will have a dig…i would rather watch us try and improve than the nonsense we got from the squad this year.

The one change I would make is the excuse for getting rid of people is to help manage the salary cap. Seriously getting fed up of the same line being used for the last 3 years, we are slowly becoming a producer of players not a keeper and quite frankly I would like a chance to cheer a winning Panthers side. I don’t see where we can challenge for the 8 without some influx of players of origin or test standard. We have offloaded CHN.DWZ and RCG ( maybe Ivan doesn’t like double barreled names lookout JFH) to create cap space so I am assuming we can’t afford to replace them of the same standard and money. The net result looks like a very young side next year and I am not convinced they can challenge the big teams

I’m not sure where we are actually headed. A lot was made of Gould’s 5 year plan & he denies that that was the ‘promise’ of a premiership, but he was quoted in a Panther News release saying we could be the top sporting club in Australia within 10 years.

He went from one position to another on basically every subject in RL & then this year he left saying his job was done. The loss of our ‘stars’ through the cap was something he was responsible for & hopefully he will start advising the dragons & maybe the broncos :wink:

I felt somewhat disheartened yesterday watching our guys putting the cleaners thru the ponys.

There is a lot to be said for “feathering your own nest” and the Panthers are experiencing that 10 fold with the Cleary’s.

What we need to see is Nathan and Ivan challenging for the Dally M’s next year, we will be on track if they are both performing to the standards expected based on their salaries.

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Damn right !

and if Ivan’s so worried by the salary cap (Daily Telegraph 18/9)
hand some of the money back, or earn it.

Personally I reckon we’re in strife and this,
6 months from kickoff.

Haggis is right, there’s some serious talent heading out the door.

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Surprised no-one has made comment on the NRL g/f.
Will a farcical 2020 event lead to improvement?
The NRL has it all to do as the games status takes a hit.
What needs addressing most in your view?

I think the bigger issue than the 6 again call was the trainer getting hit. The NRL needs to stamp that “extra player” situation out, that was more costly to Canberra IMO.

I’m a fan of reducing the interchange though, we are going back to a defense wins games mindset which is fine, but lets give the attack a chance to shine.

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The most costly thing for Canberra was their inability to convert possession into points. I think both incidents (the Trainer and the 6 again reversal) were relatively minor, and if that were a regular season match, the media wouldn’t be making a huge deal out of it.

The Raiders were outplayed and outclassed.

agree re trainer.

Cronk professional foul, alright penalty but,
little man on big man in the bin, give me a break.

Outclassed in a 14-8 loss, nonsense. The physicality
of this game was high and neither side dominated.

The Roosters had a larger hole to dig themselves out of, they lost Mitchell Aubusson in the opening 10 minutes with their bench down to 3 for 70 minutes. Then the sin binning which was weak to say the least about it. The Raiders had 70% of the ball in the opening 25 minutes in the second half. They threw everything at that Roosters side, despite all those setbacks and came up short.

In my books, that’s being outclassed. Had those things not happened to the Roosters, the scoreline difference would have been greater in my opinion.

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and what about the first half?

Look in my view 2 tries to 1 is not being outclassed.
Sorry I brought the damn thing up now.

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I thought the Cronk binning was where the game changed. The Raiders were a bit too conservative against 12 men, while the Roosters stepped up a gear. We can argue about different calls during the game, but the bottom line is that the Raiders didn’t take their chances.

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The 2020 draw is out, we have been looked after in my opinion. Only play Storm and Roosters once, in the first 3 rounds. 11 Sunday games…that suits me.

Only 1 x 5 day turn around.

A great run home so finals here we come………ha haaaaaa

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The first 5 rounds are tough though, got both the grand finalists and the Storm. Real trial by fire. Hopefully we will catch them trying to find their straps and chalk up some wins early.

Considering the players shown the door, it will be interesting to see who we buy in the off season, we will get a better idea how we go once we see our 2020 Top 30 squad.

Already plan not to back em until after round 5, then we have tiggers and a whole bunch of other spoon hopefuls lol

Roosters have lost Round 1 after their last 2 premierships. Hopefully this trend will continue

I find that the Roosters and Storm do find it hard to get to form early in the season, there is room for some upsets there.

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