Seasons Greetings (2018)

Well, with two countdowns running [19 days to Christmas & by the clock on here 101 days to season 2019], it would seem a good time to wish all on here a Merry Christmas & a Safe, Happy & Prosperous 2019.

Season 2018, & even post-season 2018, were very interesting & maybe I’ve got my rose coloured glasses on, but i have high expectations for the Panthers in 2019.

I has a dream the other night that we won the Grand Final. Details upon waking were a bit vague, but the score was 32-16, Sauce scored the final try (converted) & we then kicked a penalty goal to complete the scoring. I am thinking of trying to do a multi-bet: Penrith to win, final score 32-16, Mansour last try, last scoring play penalty goal. Not sure what odds I would get, but maybe for $100 stake, I could retire :slight_smile:

Cheers to all.

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… enjoy the break everyone. 101 days eh, time flies.

Seasons greetings awesome Panther pride people.

Happy with that mr walker, even if it was a dream lol. I am liking the media coverage ATM our boys up and down sand hills, hopefully foot on the gas first game.

Enjoy, be safe and most of all be merry. If you can’t be good, be good at it!!!

Cheers Kev

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