Seasons Greetings


I would like to wish you all Seasons Greetings and a Merry Christmas. It’s been a difficult year both on and off the field this year. But I am hoping you get some time to spend this time with your families and friends (responsibly of course), and celebrate a better year to come.

I would also like to thank you all for contributing to the forum this year. In previous instances where the team has done well, we usually less people come on to discuss the team (as many prefer to comment negatively when things are going badly) but looking at the site statistics, we probably had the most engaging year since the independent forum begun in 2012.

Again, thanks to you all, This site is nothing if not for the passionate discussion and lively debate of Panther Fans such as yourselves.

 - Steve


No No - Thank you Steve for providing us Panther fans a place to enjoy like minded commentary.

All the best to you and yours, and to all the Panther Pride family for the festive season.

Keep Smiling


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This forum is a pleasure to be a member of. I am also a member of League Unlimited but many posts are people just sniping at one another. The only reason I look at it is because one of the members has a very good inside knowledge of the club.
Anyway, enjoy the Xmas period and please can we have a better 2021 (Referring more to Covid-19, Trump etc. rather than the Panthers :grinning:).


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all enjoy yourselves & stay safe.

Thanks again to Steve for all your hard work providing this platform for us.

Thanks to the rest of our members, whether you are a regular contributor, or a lurker who chimes in occasionally. I enjoy the discussions we have here better than the dribble on other platforms.

Thank you Steve for hosting this forum. It is nice to see well thought out posts and constructive comments instead of ravings (I blame fantasy football). I hope everyone and their family and friends have a happy safe and rewarding Christmas!.


I would like to join others and thank Steve for his work in providing us with a forum to discuss all the issues. Also to my friends on here who provide their thoughts. We don’t always agree but I appreciate everyone’s points and the entertainment.

Yes a strange old year, but thru it all the Panthers did so well & gave us so much enjoyment.

Look forward to 2021, and I wish all & their families a Merry Christmas & a Safe, Happy & Prosperous 2021 & maybe a GF win. Cheers, Neil


WHAT - Your name’s not Max :cry:

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Max? I thought it was Kit!

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Best wishes to you all. You’re a good bunch ‘cept’ for that bloke who gave it to Anastacia. Let’s hope we have a year where things are open, including
the grounds to all who wish to attend and cheer the mighty Panthers on!


Best wishes to everyone, and thanks to stev and all members for their ongoing support and contribution.

The best thing about this site is the friendly nature, and the self control of members which needs minimal moderation.

I’d hate to be a moderator of LU or (shudders) Reddit lol.

We can all have our own opinion and freedom to express it hear in a civilised manner which I love.

Wishing you and you family’s all a safe and merry Christmas, and looked forward to a better 2021.