Signing conundrum

Saw this on Facebook earlier. Thought it might make a good discussion piece.

You’re a young player & have the three options above open to you. Which would you take & why?

For me it would have to be the Storm.

Good coaching system.

Better chance of playing finals and/or winning a premiership.

Might improve my value on to the open market for the following season.

A decision without prejudice…I would go for the Dolphins gig.

New team with varied talent working on a new set up. If you rate yourself, you will become part of the selected, if team performances improve in the first 2 years and you are integral, you open yourself up for the bigger opportunities i.e other clubs will see your ability and or the Dolphins will come to the party.

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Retirement is starting to sound real good if those are my options… :rofl:

Seriously though… I think @Kevin said it better than I could.


Another “signing conundrum” following a discussion with a few mates tonight:

You can sign any 3 players for next year (forget about the salary cap), apart from departing players.

Who would you sign?

For me it would be:

Reed Mahoney (replace Koroisau)
Joe Tapine (replace Kikau)
Matt Burton (centre/halves backup)

firstly if you are young player and assuming you have the options do we really believe players look at options as presented?

i seriously doubt they do and their manager would at first be looking at the best monetary deal IMO

as we have seen “pathways” mean very little to players nowadays as contracts are broken with ease, coaches are sacked to often now to not assure their longevity in the role so all that is left is the money

a kid may look at a roster he is joining

a footballers career is limited, a chance of winning a premiership is even more limited and if i was a player manager, i would be looking to what is beyond their football career as the starting point and discussing with and laying out a 3 to 5 year plan with the player.

for the point of this argument.

Storm wil be losing Bellamy after next year and will likely lose Munster and with their exit, see little “glory” upside and a 1 year deal wouldn’t be enough

Dolphins are similar with Bennet not assured to stay, a start up club with no history, sure you may get sucked in by the what if but doubt the squad they have assembled will trouble many teams and be lucky to make the 8

Bulldogs on the other hand are on the up, have a new coach and are building a very solid roster.

3 years and being in the group will do a few things, first of which would elevate your profile in a winning side and as such increase your value, would give you an opportunity to be a Top 8 team and if you believe the roster is very good, maybe just maybe be a title contender within 3 years.

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Matt Burton
Harry Grant
Jake Turbo


Funny you mention Jake, Kev, I have often thought he would be the perfect fit in our system.

Hell, if it had to be a package deal, I’d even take his brother as well, that is as a back up for Edwards :rofl:


I don’t think Ben would be a very good fullback… :wink:

We’ve pretty much seen this play out this year, but what do people think?

I think option #2 would be best. Most 18yo halfbacks aren’t ready to play first grade. Spend a couple of years learning from the best, before seeing what my value is.

100% option 2 - if you are 22 it may be a challenging question, but not at 18, working with quite possibly the best player to ever play our game as your mentor.

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I’d go number 2 for sure.

$250 is a very comfortable income - no need to be greedy.

You will likely get a start during SOO rounds.

You will learn a lot then set yourself up for the future.

Take option 1 and fail, and you’d be off to the UK or France before you knew it

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For me, personally option 2 sounds like a no brainer.

But rugby league is a short ride, and they say you should make hay while the sun is shining. Logic would suggest you should take option 1.