Spotted/where are they now

Have been thinking of starting up this topic for some time, but no time like the present.

Have you seen any past or present players around? Have you got any stories of what old players are doing with themselves these days?

Saw Jeremy Latimore at my local shops (Engadine) this morning. Unfortunately I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to chat to him. He still looks fit enough to play.

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Good on you Mutley, I’ll keep the eyes peeled !

I’m sure by now we have all heard what former Raider Mark McLinden got up to last week. If I hadn’t been concentrating on the game, I might have taken more than a quick look, and recognised him. He was driving buses with me for a few months about 3-4 years ago, and hasn’t changed his appearance since then. Was a nice enough bloke.

As I write this, recently retired Shark Andrew Fifita is sitting about 10m from me in the food court at Miranda. Might say hi on my way out.

Saw Jeremy Latimore when I was here last week.

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Ran into our own Greg Alexander at Wentworth Park today. His son was playing Jersey Flegg for the Roosters. Josh Mansour was playing for Newtown in NSW Cup.

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Not quite on topic, but found this in my collection.

Trevor Cogger (father of Jack) 1987 card. Probably have his 1986 & 1988 cards in my collection too.

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I love old footy cards - especially from fallen flag clubs (well second after old Penrith cards anyway!)

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My collection has a few seasons from the 80s & 90s, and every season from about 2003. Only collect 1 series per year. If I had the money, I’d look at filling in all seasons as far back as I can, along with inserts.

What’s this? Is this another Penrith junior playing for a rival club. Presumably the Rorters will claim him as a product of their development system.

Was poached by Rorters at the end of last season.

Just read that Alexander’s son Beau, the younger brother, is playing in the Manly junior league & is part of a tug of war between Manly & Roosters at the moment.

Slight factual error about his time with us, but hope he has a speedy recovery.

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Class act & decent bloke.

Maybe he can come up to Taree. There’s heap of blokes up this way who could do with a free coffee & breakfast.