State of Origin 2020

coronavirus restrictions are set to be eased in Qld allowing for full capacity at SOO decider. then I suggest people from sydney are allowed to attend ???

if not, can it !!!

Mr Vlandys,
an unfair advantage, that’s almost ch***ing !


Will make the victory all the more sweeter Puss, I hope we embarrass them and win by 50 !

NC to break the point scoring record

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Well that was very disappointing. Some NSW players were very much MIA I’m afraid, and not much in terms of bounce of the ball or any rulings went our way. To play overall so poorly & still going close to a win must be a disappointment & for NC & IY, it must feel like it happened twice in the last month!

Our Panther boys acquitted themselves well & I trust the ones who didn’t get to actually play got something out of being in the squad. They can all have a well earned break, outside of their bubble, and reflect on a very positive season, albeit no ring or origin trophy, oh well except for Capewell :wink:

Enjoy the break - it’s almost March again!!

Not to nitpick but I have to understand this…

NSW raised a captain challenge disputing the call of a knock down with about 5-6 second on the clock, QLD collect the ball and run the clock down running in touch. Referee tells NSW that time has expired but can still ask for a review.

The Video referee sides with NSW challenge and reverses the on-field call. The ref then blows full time and declares the match over. Two questions I have regarding this.

  1. If the challenge is successful (of which it was) then doesn’t it take place from the on-field call, with 6 seconds left on the clock. Should not 6 second be added back to the game clock in this instance.

  2. If the answer to Question 1 is “No”, then what was the point of allowing NSW to challenge in the first place? If no tangible result could be achieved from a review then what was the point of the exercise?

Either they got the procedure horribly wrong, or the rule is in need of a revision in my opinion.

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I know I am in the minority but I wish we could have just one SOO instead of the best of three. Although I watched last night’s game I was pretty disinterested in the action. In fact I thought the actual game was a load of rubbish.


I watched the last 25 minutes on mute - cannot stand listening to the ch9 commentary :face_vomiting:

With no sound and just vision, I saw that last challenge as unsuccessful, i.e. QLD did nothing wrong. The fat heap from the slimies did his usual “throw it away” and I thought Friend picked it up clean, the other QLD hand didn’t touch it…at what point was the challenge successful to NSW?

The “no try professional foul” on the other hand, that was bullshit, the Fox was in front of Munster on the chase before he was shoulder charged out of it, the ball sits up before Munster easily kicks it dead, the Fox would have scored without question. AGAIN watching without sound I was astonished it wasn’t a penalty try…but then again that simpleton called the ref wouldn’t have got out of there alive if NSW jagged a victory from that call, I know it wasn’t his decision but Kween lan supporters wouldn’t understand that :rofl:

The call was that the ball was being offloaded by Paulo and touched by the opposition resulting in a QLD Knock-on. The challenge was deemed successful.

Oh and I agree with the commentary, it was atrocious. Especially throwing to Cameron Smith every 10 or so minutes for his two cents. :nauseated_face:

Personally I think the game was lost on team selections, in particular our centres (especially Gutherson) & lack of a back on the bench.

A specialist centre, such as Chrichton (was he injured?), would have been a better option than having Gutherson playing out of position. Chrichton would also have been able to handle a re-shuffle to fullback or wing, as required.

Yeo may have started his career in the centres, and he did put in a good effort, but it was obvious that he is no longer suited to that position, which is why we needed a back on the bench.

Luai would have been a good option from the bench. In the event of the re-shuffle, he could have partnered Cleary in the halves, moving Walker to the centres. Even without the re-shuffle, he could have provided some spark off the bench.

OK, maybe I’m a bit biased


I agree with you mutley. Gutherson and Paulo - Gone, they were poo in every game. Brown was a passenger in the 3rd game. I heard Paul Kent say after the game, QLD don’t always pick talent, they pick winners with a bit of talent.

The 20 game competition saw a bloke win the best player in the league playing in jersey 6 - However Fittler (NSW) in their infinite wisdom consider that said player not to be in the top 2 in NSW. WHY THE F@#$ WOULDN’T YOU PICK WIGHTON AT 6?

I’m so over the buddy system in NSW teams it’s not funny !

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