State of Origin 2020

Lots of articles suggesting Penrith players being called up. This one this morning was a pleasant surprise though;


I hope he is one of many that get a start. There are so many players that should get a look in. Just a few that comes to mind.

Nathan Cleary (Obviously)
Isaah Yeo
Stephen Crichton
Api Koroisau
Liam Martin
Moses Leota
James Tamou
Josh Mansour

Just to name a few, if I keep going, my squad will be mostly made up of Panthers :joy:

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The fact that this years series is a stand-alone after season end takes away my (selfish) concerns about our guys missing club games on rep duties, as has occurred in the past. Either having players missing, or having to backup after SOO games, affected our club.
I know that players aspire to play SOO & now that it is not going to impact mid-season, I hope many of our boys be recognised for their efforts with selection. Even if they don’t make the 17, the experience will surely be invaluable to them as individual and for our club as a whole.
Good luck to all.


Many from our squad are worthy but like most things we will get the shaft

Cleary would be the only pick from our squad

I don’t agree with that but think Fittler will go for others but IF they chose on form i would suggest

Crichton and Luai as 2 who should be in

Luai would be a bolter but he has an X factor and if as i believe we will, win the comp Luai will play a major role in us winning and that alone would elevate him to be Cleary’s playing partner in an SOO squad

Yeo and Martin would be next most likely but will miss.

Its quite nice to even think we have so many who would make such a squad.

This will be par for the course. There’ll be 34 players for each of the games, and just one from Penrith, even if we win the GF. There’ll be excuses like “you’ve got Kiwis and islanders who aren’t eligible for SoO” (which team doesn’t?) or “You’ve done well because of teamwork and coaching, not because of standout talent”. Since when has playing for Penrith not be an disadvantage?

Cleary in the team at 7 - our only panther in the 21, I am the only one thinks Yeo hard done by?

Capewell named as a Maroon reserve

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I’m happy with it, let the youngsters enjoy life before that sort of footy pressure. Plus no injuries and a clean prep for off season. #PENRITHPREMIERS2021

Have we just found a new centre in Capewell?

His performance last night was worthy of MOTM

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He was only up against a run of the mill fullback playing out of position, so I wouldn’t get too excited.

He did play well though !

What about that refereeing, completely the opposite to the GF display and simply lost it at the end. I reckon he was just happy to get off the field…

Just wanted to make a comment on Cordner. I hate every aspect of the roosters, but actually think that Cordner is a good guy, and I am concerned for his welfare.
In our semi against them, I made comment several times during the game that there is something clearly wrong with him & that he must still be suffering from his concussions & I suggest that everything that has happened since just confirms it.
Despite all the BS about the roosters only being worried about his health & that they only have his well-being in mind, those arseholes only care about one thing, and that’s finding anyway to win. And when Gould adds his comments about how the roosters are giving him the best of care, it only reinforces my view, that they are not.
The tackle that I have seen relayed from SOO1 that was apparently the knock that Cordner got that caused his latest head injury was really nothing in the scheme of things, almost a gentle headknock on the other players side. I think he’s like a punchdrunk boxer who just needs a little hit to his already damaged brain to bring on another concussion.
I expect that any independent medical assessment will see him out for a long time, perhaps for ever. That’s sad for him & I can only wish him the best.


Yep 100% agree, Cordner for all his toughness cannot beat the injury he has right now. The sooner he realizes life for himself and his family are more important than footy, the sooner he will regain quality of life.

His current obvious dazed nature, even beyond the fact he might not be so bright scholastically, is pretty obvious to see. Don’t be the next Geoff Toovey !

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An injury / condition not to be sneezed at, just ask Nigel Plum.

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Not literally right Puss, Nigel isn’t getting concussion from a sneeze :face_with_head_bandage:

one of my favourites, ‘Plummy’ according to SMH 2/2/16 took the decision to retire largely because of repetitive concussions. He was subsequenly cleared of brain damage but tests every year to 2 years. They’re just keeping an eye on him.

Mind you I’m still feeling some of his hits and that was from the lounge chair. :dizzy_face:

Yer he and Docker (bash bros) were awesome together.

I think i’ve told this story before, but he used to live next door to my greyhound trainer, when Plummy mowed his pissy little yard he was in full kit, work boots, sock covers, ear muffs, goggles, hi vis - It was hilarious. One of the hardest men on a footy field dressed like a punce to mow his lawn !

Aha haa haa ! Good one kevin.
I woulda felt safe with my whipper snipper, lawn mowing fend !

Well that was a win for all us Blues supporters.
That was pretty well what should have happened in Game 1, but we just lost our way in the 2nd half. Good news is that mr walker doubled down on his 13+ bet from last week & so I’m now back in front on the punt :grinning:
The Panthers boys played well. Was so pleased for Yeo - he looks to have a long future at that level. Capewell, although playing for the darkside, was again good, but will be better served as a backrower than centre. NC was brilliant, and again showed just how he can control a game. It is hard to believe on his performances for the Panthers & now in Origin just how young he is.
When that dickhead Johns acknowledged how well Nathan was playing during the call he said that NC had been criticized & under pressure all week. “Only from you, you dickhead” I said at the TV. I’m not sure how NC’s career will pan out, but I’m pretty sure that he will never be moved to dummy half as John’s was in rep football to allow the real best halves to play at 7. How people can speak of this piece of crap as the 8th immortal is amazing.
Anyway, well done to the Blues & they should go on with the job next week & make it for Anastacia eh Puss!

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You covered the Panther boys mr walker, but I need to shout out to a couple of forwards who played Origin football, Saifiti wow, does not stop when on the field, we had a few sets where he ran 1st and 3rd hit ups while Haas (the new Woods) sat back waiting for the 4th run out wide.

Crichton, best game I have seen him play, Finucane he is Origin all over and didn’t get any accolades because his is standard effort. Cook obviously, especially given he was unlikely and Yeo as mentioned. The others IMO were not worth a pinch of shit and just made up the numbers.

Our backs (with the exception of #3) were all very good.

Finally - a very good tactical game that was executed to perfection. Imagine if we had 8 forwards who played like the 5 I mentioned…

Sorry, one more thing - Nathan Cleary MUST be the dominant half, he cannot play with a 6 who wants to run things, Walker, Whighton, Luai are ALL runners rather organizers, this suits NC to a tee.

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… she’ll play for a draw Mr Walker and shut all the borders. game 3 will be postponed till 2025 !!! :upside_down_face:


Spot on, Mr Walker. And when I hear people confused about happenings that don’t make sense (ie don’t pass the ‘pub test’), I suggest that they just follow the money.