Summer series 2021/2

Now that the dust has settled and we are (hopefully) over our hangovers, it’s time to look at possibly doing another summer series, like last years “Greatest Grand Team”.

The options I have come up with are:

Greatest Premiership Team
Greatest Grand Final Opponents
Greatest team never to make a Grand Final
Greatest locally developed team

The first 2 options would run the same as last year
The last 2 options would include a nominations week, followed by a week of voting (while doing nominations for the next position). These options would also include a minimum number of games played for Penrith in the position they are being nominated for.

What are peoples thoughts?

  • Greatest Premiership Team
  • Greatest Grand Final Opponents
  • Greatest team to never play a Grand Final
  • Greatest locally developed team

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What about the best team of Penrith Juniors to play at other clubs, current and all
Do we have enough ex Panthers who have played in GF’s for other teams, a few come to mind immediately.

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That’s probably getting a bit complicated, although it does come under greatest locally produced team to a certain extent, but would have to relax the minimum games for the club rule.

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It looks like Panthers Greatest Team never to play a Grand Final is the preferred option at the moment.

We will start nominations for fullback this week, with voting next week, along with nominations for the next position.

The rules will be:

  1. Must have played at least 10 games in the position for Panthers

  2. Must not have played in a Grand Final for any club (NSWRL/ARL/Australian Super League/NRL)

Note: Due to other commitments, and the potentially large number of players who qualify, I won’t be doing bios this year.

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