Survey open for fans to have their say on new stadium

I think that land is reserved for the Panthers Master Development plan. I doubt they will put the stadium on prime riverfront land with poor road access.

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While that sounds great, to be able to go to Penrith Stadium as the new stadium is built, I am starting to feel we are going to get an monstrocity like Commbank Stadium.

While that stadium had a lot of facilities, my experience there feels cold and sterile… I don’t really feel that into the game while I am there, there is a distinct lack of atmosphere and you feel at arms length from the action, unlike at Penrith.

I am planning on heading up to Townsville to watch the Cowboys v Panthers game this year to see what the Queensland Country Bank Stadium is like, as I am still convinced that is the better option.


It was my understanding that the deal had already been done with the developer to take over the Showgrounds/Paceway site for a commercial/residential development, with part of the deal that the developer was to provide the new Showground/Paceway facility on another site. I thought is was to be along the lines of the Ashlar Golf Course deal where the developer got the site, and built the Golf Club a new course as part of the deal.

So does this mean that that deal fell through on the Showground/Paceway or was someone getting ahead of themselves?

A question then is, under this new proposal, what will happen to the existing stadium site after we move ‘next door’? If the Showground/Paceway is moved, it would seem a once in a lifetime chance for an entertainment/community-use precinct bordered by Mulgoa/Station/Jamison & the northern edge of the Showground/Paceway site.

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It just makes sense to have it built at the paceway. Good to hear they are thinking about other facets also.

That photo of Karen is pretty old, Jamo park hasn’t been that baron for years lol

The paceway should move to the grounds near the Kingswood bowling club (owned by Roosters - take em on) and have soccer fields in the middle of it.

I believe the plan is to move the Paceway out to Londonderry and share the Greyhound racing track site. Don’t quote me on that, but I remember reading that somewhere a while back when Racing NSW were putting out the idea of selling the Penrith site.

They already race the trotters out there, but on grass. It isn’t a very good spectacle.

To my understanding it would consist of two separate tracks with a shared facility.

My 2c,

The reps from INSW at the meeting with council knew nothing of the alternative site proposal before it was raised with them. This suggests it may have been an agenda started by others (western weekender?).

With regards the showground site, you not only have to procure the land, will also as others mentioned find and support a new home for harness racing (Londonderry and Luddenham have both been suggested), and also not forget about the Penrith Show facilities.

These could either be incorporated into the stadium site, or construct the alternate earmarked location (peach tree creek, cnr GWH/ Mulgoa road).

All this comes at considerable cost. Will the government raise the budget to $500m? Or cut the scope of the stadium down?

In a knock down rebuild option, and additional $25+ M would go along way improving facilities at Bathurst.

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I think other codes and other uses like music concerts or festivals, etc will be included how the stadium will be use all year round and determine the final masterpiece. I think the stadium will look similar to Commbank stadium or more modern.

I’m not sure Commbank will be used as the model… especially in regards to size. There are some massive constraints on the size if the stadium were to go where the existing Penrith Football Stadium stands. They would have to rethink the whole project.

I wrote about this in another thread here.