Thank you Laurie Daley

If anyone hasn’t caught up with Daleys comments…he said he wouldn’t want his son to play for the Panthers and certainly wouldn’t want his daughter to go out with a Panther player.

Thank you Laurie…not for exposing your abhorrent comments about our team, players and our great city

No Laurie

you may have just given us the very thing we needed to show you just what we are made of.

I hope Ivan and Gould have his comments posted above every players locker for every game.

Daleys’ grubby and low comments are the perfect inspiration and reason we need as a club to fire up every game

Its been a terrible week for the club and of course for some in the playing group whilst those not directly involved have been caught up in the noise which has consumed everything this week but Daley has presented us with the perfect inspiration for the best way for the club and team to respond

Stick it to every team every week and play like you have never played before…remember you are a Panthers player and you play for your fans ,sponsors ,club and the Penrith region.

You just don’t know what you have done Laurie…i suspect you never know what you are doing but today you gave our boys a purpose.

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Laurie Daley’s mouth is bigger than his nose, but only just. :zipper_mouth_face:

I wouldn’t be to concerned, he’s never been known to have much between the ears.

Have we got any single players that would be interested in his daughter?

Unfortunately, the player legend is trying to maintain employment through the game and has been doing so for a while. He was found out during origin and now only media are interested in him so in turn he has to find ‘headlines’ to keep the aura.

His comments are nothing more than a personal revenge on Gus for his Origin comments which were almost identical.

You cannot put brains in statues, although that probably explains how Laurie broke the coveted premiership trophy :rofl:

Apart from his nose!!!

Ex-Panther greats Greg Alexander, Mark Geyer and Jamie Soward were quick to condemn the comments from Laurie Daley regarding the culture at the club, stating that the whole club and community should not be criticised for the act of a single person. Greg Alexander also hinted that he believes Laurie has said the comments to get back at Phil Gould over comments he made when Laurie was in charge of the NSW Blue side.

Laurie Daley has apologized for his comments, stating he got key information incorrect regarding the tapes and was swept up with emotion regarding the incident. the video of the apology is posted below.

Even his apology didn’t sound sincere, it was like another conversation. If your showing remorse for a wrong doing, your a little more passionate than that.

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I don’t think it was sincere. If it wasn’t for public outcry (maybe a legal threat) regarding his comments he would have never made the apology in the first place.

Would be quite nice to win the CRL Laurie Daley cup this year and have the trophy in the foyer at the club (for more than one reason :wink:).

we could win it and put it somewhere else Steve…LOL

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I presume that Daley is still strongly linked to Canberra. If so, then before he bad-mouths Penrith, he might want to think about people like proud Canberra junior Jack Wighton and his tawdry record.

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