The dreaded Jabberwocky

Who’s had their ‘jab’ vaccination?

Will you have it when available?

You don’t want to get sick and miss the 2021 grand final do you?

Stay healthy folks !


I’m booked in the day we play Parra & the day before we play the Broncos. Earliest appointments I could get!!!

Got mine yesterday and had just about every side effect going (fortunately missed out on diarrhoea). Feeling pretty good now.

Yeah, I had mine over a week ago but touchwood all ok.
Booked in for 2nd shot (booster) in August.

Birdman, you need to review your other medicine, whiskey! :wink:

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I got mine a week ago today - Phyzer from Homebush. Had a sore arm and Flu symptoms for 48 hrs afterwords.

My next shot is booked in for the Monday following the long weekend, I will be taking the Tuesday off work after the last side effects.

Recommend it to everyone as soon as they can get it though.

Interesting I had Astra Zeneca !?!?!?

That’s what they give ole farts !

I had my shot a while back. I too got the Astra Zeneca shot.

As I am under 50 I had been contacted and to be aware of symptoms of blood clotting. But it’s been about 11 weeks and no problems.

I am due for my second shot in about 2 weeks.

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