The run home - 8 rounds remaining


For the most part I agree. I think they have the top 8 right, although the order & points may be slightly different.


Haven’t read the article and i had forecast at the beginning of the year a Panthers / Souths rematch but the dark horse (excuse the pun) are the Cowboys and they have built enormous momentum.
Can they sustain this for another 6 rounds plus a finals run…maybe and of all the other sides are in the best form.

Like any year, injuries and suspensions will play their part.


I agee with pretty much all the commentary in the article, however a couple of point of difference;

Firstly I don’t see the Storm going deep into the finals, unless they get a favorable game or 2.

Secondly, the Cowboys are sure on the rise, it will set up the last game of the regular series against us as a blockbuster - we may well be playing for minor premiership/ top 2, and they may be playing for a top 4 spot.

For mine Parra are all but done for with regards the finals, while their last round bye will help with resting players, they will have no hope to improve their for and against last round, which could cause pressure on them in the penultimate round.

Warriors are a real dark horse.

While not in as bad a position as Parramatta, Souths are in a shaky spot. Loose a few games and they could be in trouble.

Manly, Dolphins, Knights and definitely Roosters won’t make the 8. The only team outside the top 9 who on form, draw and standing could go on a late run would be the titans.