Todd Greenberg steps down

Todd Greenberg steps down as NRL CEO


Mon 20 Apr 2020, 04:26 PM

Todd Greenberg has stood down as chief executive officer of the NRL, effective immediately.

His employment with the Australian Rugby League Commission will finish up on Monday.

The NRL has issued a statement to say “after reflecting on the needs of the game, it has been mutually agreed that Todd Greenberg will step down”.

ARLC Chairman Mr Peter V’landys AM said: “The role of Chief Executive of the NRL is one of the most challenging and difficult roles in Australian sport, with a diversity of passionate stakeholders. ARLC thanks Todd for his contribution to the game over the last 7 years and as Chief Executive for the last four years”.

Mr Greenberg said: “It has been my great honour and privilege to be the CEO of the NRL for the last 4 years. Despite the variety of challenges and pressures I have loved every single minute of the journey. Our growth over the last 4 years has been extraordinary & I am very proud of my contribution to the game.

"I am indebted to the game for the variety of opportunities and experiences that have been provided to my family and I, and we leave with many great memories and life long friendships.

"My sincere thanks to all the stakeholders across the game, particularly the fans who are the lifeblood of rugby league. Their unwavering passion for the game is wonderful.

"I remain in awe of the players skill and bravery to play this game week in and week out & I thank all of them, both past and present for their friendship and support.

"My thanks also to the staff and Executive team at the NRL. It has been an absolute honour to lead this team of talented, resilient and hard working professionals

Andrew Abdo has been appointed acting Chief Executive Officer while a search is undertaken for a replacement.

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Perhaps the start of a ‘new’ NRL, that somehow became a jobs for the boys institution, spending all the broadcast rights money. The way forward should be geared towards the clubs, players and fans.

Never understood what he did at Bulldogs that was so great to get the NRL job in first place & his legacy hopefully is that the game has learned from it’s mistakes. The buffoon ex QLD premier went & now Greenberg, so the only way is up.

I have faith in V’landys based on his work at NSW Racing. I actually would like him to take on Executive Chairman role for say 2 years to set the course for the game, before handing it over to a CEO, with a clear blueprint.

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Mixed feelings about this one.

On the one hand, Todd has done a lot to boost the profile of the National Rugby League, and secure a record TV rights deal. He has also overseen the incorporating of junior pathways into the NRL pathway, particularly OzTag and Touch football leagues.

But on the other side of the coin (no pun intended), the NRL seem to be mismanaged regarding it’s finances, and have player financial safeguards raided to funded a bloated management model, so much that the entire league hinges on returning in May despite multiple recommendations that they shouldn’t, putting players and officials at risk.

The NRL is probably in the need for a cleanout and a fresh perspective. The new ARLC Chairman Peter V’Landys seems to have his head screwed on right and seems to be handling the crisis well.

Let’s hope there’s better days ahead for the ARLC / NRL and Rugby League as a whole.


… I’ve been on the outside looking in but the windows are fogged up.
A broom through the place and some fresh air will do wonders. In this
coronavirus environment isolation is sending people around the twist.
This game can/will come back stronger than a Wuhan wet market, will
we learn from the experience, that is the question.

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The big thing for me is VLandy’s appears to want open honest dialogue, that is the key to any business success. Problem is, bitches in high places don’t like the truth.

Hopefully o’l Pete can make a difference, but if you know who gets the job, we are done for as a game, which he proposes to love…….

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V’Landys is already off to a bad start in my opinion if the reports are true about the NRL looking to extend the current broadcast deal out 3 more years.

Especially as there has been expressions of interest on taking on a new NRL broadcast deal (Channel 7). You would think you would entertain all offers before accepting an extension with what looks like no increase in payments.

100% - He is being played if he accepts 3 years as the status quo.

Hmmmm - maybe he has the speed bump out of the way now…time will tell

Channel Nine seems to think it holds the cards at the moment and can make demands. For the NRL it’s simple, find all offers on the table from interested parties and if they have one that isn’t Channel Nine and it is a better deal then enforce the current deal with Channel Nine or tell them to sever the agreement and pay a penalty, and approach the other party about picking up the broadcast in 2021. Channel 7 have made it public that they would be interested, it would only be right to see what they bring to the table.

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