Trent Barrett Returns to Panthers

Trent Barrett’s back: Exiled Manly coach lands a job at rival club

FOX Sports | 16th August 2019

Trent Barrett is back.

After a year in NRL exile, the former Manly coach has landed a new gig at a rival club.

In fact he’s going back to his old gig.

Barrett has signed on to be an assistant to Penrith coach Ivan Cleary from next season, returning to the club he left when the Sea Eagles job came up in 2016.

He was working under Cleary at the Panthers before being snapped up by the Sea Eagles to take the next step in his career.

Barrett coached the Sea Eagles to 13th place that year, 6th place and a qualifying final in 2017, and 15th place last year before being punted by the northern beaches club.

The end of his tenure last season was tumultuous, as reports emerged he had fallen out heavily with some of the club’s highest profile people.

Bizarrely, Manly kept Barrett on their books and paid two head coaches - alongside Des Hasler - until Barrett’s contract expired a month ago.

He copped plenty of criticism last week for publicly trying to claim credit for the Sea Eagles’ success this season under Hasler.

The Panthers are yet to officially announce the signing.


caught me by surprise this news. What does he bring to the club
we don’ t currently have ?

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one could argue he is the whinger to have when Maloney leaves.
i see no positive in going back to the past and sadly reemploying someone who was a failure elsewhere.

He might be a great guy but there would be plenty at Manly who measure how they are going this year to the barret years.
btw Alexander says he will be the “attack” coach.

HUH…so please explain what does the coach do?

This is a beautiful game, but its a simple game.

You have to outscore the other mob…and now we will have an attacking coach?

I think we are asking too much of boys and men who don’t have the capacity to understand the concept in players.

Nice and sincere as they are but in the main are not what one would call honour students.

It’s been said that he will work with the young halves group (Cleary, Luai, Burton, Blore) in providing experience and guidance in playing in the playmakers role.

Rumour is Wallace will be coaching Canterbury Cup next year

so they brought Barrett in to do something Ivan could’nt ?
If Ivan can’t get thru to his own son give Barrett the head coach role.

on what…what Barrett did at Manly?
seriously Barrett is a passenger and outside being a nice guy what does he bring to us.

what does he bring? … about as much as Cleary I’d say.
But if he works wonders with the ‘attack’ then how do U rate him?

If you are Barrett, do you take up a head coach role with an underperforming basket case, or stick with the next echelon of players (and potential premiership) as assistant coach in charge of attack?

If he does go, what does that do to our attack?

Not really sure. Barrett made a bit of a goose of himself at Manly & I’m sure they are not kicking themselves over him not being there.
The dogs job is not a plum job, and not likely to enhance anyone’s future prospects, but it would be a head coach job if he is still ambitious, or a glutton for punishment :slight_smile: I’m not sure that he will be attracting too many players that will improve the dogs that much. He couldn’t even arrange a desk at Manly!
Maybe if it were me, I would stick to what he’s got & make the most of it. Not too many get sacked from assistants job & he needs to eat.

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I have no idea why ANY potential coach would want to coach the Dogs at the moment. I really feel for Dean Pay, the management at the Dog unloaded an absolute mess with backended contracts and overpaid plods after hasler left that place in such a terrible position, gave the man no support and somehow it is Pay’s fault that he can’t get the team going while hamstrung.

Hasler has done this to two clubs now, Manly was a mess after he left and who filled in that slot? Barrett. He had to plod along with player on ridiculous contacts, overpaid and ballooned contracts. He looks to get as far as he can get in a short stint and when it looks like it is about to fall over, Hasler reaches for the ejector seat.

Barrett hopefully would be wise enough to know what is ahead if he decides to join the Bulldogs.


If I were Trent I would stay put for the moment. Board and management at both the football club and the leagues club are in turmoil and until that is resolved I would not even consider going there. And, for what it’s worth, Laurie Daley said exactly the same thing earlier.


I agree, it has been proven that an assistant with a history of success will be afforded quality jobs in time.

Baz should complete his “apprenticeship” and by that I mean achieve the ultimate success by committing his capabilities to the single environment, i.e. HEART ALL IN

The way things are at the Bulldogs at the moment, I doubt even Bellyache or Robbo would be able to help them!!!

The bullshit has already started, heard last night on 360 that Baz is looking to take Burton with him to the dogs as their long term 6.

If he takes this dogs job, we need to flick him immediately and then work on who he might have targeted already…….if he does take any of our players, that is the ultimate grub act to a club / team who gave him his first chance with junior sides, then a second chance after you F@#$ed us over previously.

Grrrrrrrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Kev, why don’t you tell us what you really think :slight_smile:

I see nothing but tears for Barrett & the dogs & any player that wants a stint at a club that will enhance his career, should avoid Belmore for a very long time.

That said, I would be escorting Barrett off the premises the moment his signing is announced. Keeping him around, having daily contact with players he may seek to sign for the dogs, can only do more harm than good.


I thought I did mrwalker lol

In reality, if your a quality player and your not getting any game time at your current home, what do you do if your offered a starting gig in first grade?

With someone who is proven to do good things for a player in your position.

Well, the worst kept secret in the NRL is official.

Yeah’ let’s rock the boat.
Finish what you started or mind elsewhere, what do you blokes think ???

Way too risky for mine - Bye Trent would be my message.