Tyrone May pleads guilty

Tyrone May has pleaded guilty to 4 charges today.

Will be sentenced January 31

Not sure what these charges bring by way of sentence and would suspect the “guilty” plea was made with the sentencing in mind.

More broadly not sure where this leaves May and Panthers and of course all will depend on the actual sentence and whether its custodial or a good behaviour bond etc but still expect a conviction to be recorded considering the public mood.

Also will be interesting to see the NRL stance on this as he has now pleaded guilty…whether they look to de register him etc.

The doubt has now been removed by pleading guilty.

Being reported further he agreed to a plea deal with the Polic dropping 4 charges

Its worth noting

The offence of recording without consent carries a maximum three-year jail term.

a guilty plea, sentence pending, let’s move on.

Who was the team mate.?

Puss, what were you doing on the night of … :slight_smile:
Agree, let’s move on for now. Come February we will know.

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300 hours of community service - does that mean he is ok to play and does the “community service” count if it’s a Panther program?

‘Play’ !!!

He’s done his dash with me as far as I’m concerned.
Prefer him nowhere near the place.

yer that aside, is he allowed to play in the NRL or does he have to complete his “service” first and does that service count if it’s a Panther program? I would expect that given it’s a legal sentence, he would have to complete the “service” the law sets for him…but I’ve never been involved in that sort of thing so have no clue…obviously (shut up Puss ha haaaa)

I agree that he does nothing for the Panther brand but how much punishment is he supposed to get?
Panthers should openly sack him or back him and not wait until the NRL decides his fate.


My understanding is that the NRL will meet with the club next week to determine May’s fate. What the decision will be is anyones guess, as there is no precedent for this situation. Until then at least, he is contracted to the club.

I believe there are plenty of precedents

Lets just put aside his offence for the moment and how many might feel about it because May like many who play this game has pleaded guilty to a crime and has now been sentenced

Lets look at modern comparisons like Matt Lodge…worse still look at Russell Packer who did time in jail only to be welcomed back to the NRL

If we are talking about getting rid of all thugs and morons from the NRL, this is a whole other discussion but on May i believe he should be allowed to play under the cited precedents plus i am sure people could offer plenty more

The only caveat i would offer to welcome him back would be to have a new clause added to his contract …IF he breaks his good behaviour bond or is charged with any offence which carries jail time he will be cut and cut immediately from the club

I hate what May did, but a million kids are doing what he did but this i believe opens up the larger discussion about any player in the NRL

I have a simple view…IF…any player is charged with a criminal offence and either pleads or is found guilty his contract should be ripped up not only by his club but by the NRL

Career over forever.

I would think May’s legal team will have a field day against Panthers and the NRL if they attempt to keep him out of the game…too many precedents

I don’t like it and don’t think he even offers us that much but it is what it is.

Tyrone May will be clear to return to play in the NRL/NSWRL competitions from Round 5 of the 2020 NRL Season. This is based on the condition that he agrees to participate in a Secondary Prevention Program.

The NRL had factored in the 12 months that Tyrone May had been stood down in 2019.

The Penrith Panthers will also fine May 25 per cent of his 2019 salary.

NRL announces integrity update on four players

NRL Media - 7/2/2020

The National Rugby League can provide the following integrity update:

Tyrone May (Penrith Panthers)

May will be allowed to return to the NRL in round 5 this year providing he agrees to participate and complete a Secondary Prevention Program.

The Penrith Panthers will also fine May 25 per cent of his 2019 salary.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg said he had factored in the lengthy amount of time May had been stood down.

“Tyrone May has effectively served a 12-month suspension from the game, which reflects the seriousness with which the game treats these offences. Providing he participates and completes what we have asked of him, he will be allowed back in the NRL during the first quarter of the season. May’s case should send a clear message to all of our players about the severity of such conduct.”


  ....   do we back him,  or sack him ???

and before you answer, who was the teammate?
is it a case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

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Thanks for the update, Steve.

It’s funny, my immediate reaction when I heard May was banned til Round 5 was “You’ve got to be ****ing kidding.” I, too, found his actions reprehensible & completely lacking in basic humanity or thought for the women involved and their feelings after being filmed without consent.

At the same time, May has spent a year out of the game due to the NRL’s “No Fault Stand Down” policy. The “No Fault” term is a joke - the NRL effectively banned him from the game for a year, and they banned him before he had a chance to prove his guilt or innocence. The policy’s sole purpose is to get the player out of the media and forgotten so the NRL doesn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of media scrutiny.

What happens if a player stood down under the “No Fault” policy is found innocent? Will the NRL compensate the player for losing a year of their playing life? How can they?

So, now after May has had a year’s ban, the NRL, or Todd Greenberg, the Judge, Jury & Executioner, arbitrarily declares that’s not enough punishment. He can stand down for 2 trial games, the opening 5 rounds of the season and be fined 25% of his 2019 salary.

I don’t know if this punishment equates to the loss of dignity, embarrassment & shame May caused the women he filmed. I don’t know if the punishment is enough, or whether it should be more or should be less. What I feel, and what disturbs me, is that the “No Fault Stand Down” policy effectively sentences and punishes players BEFORE their guilt or innocence is proven. And, now that May has pleaded guilty and been legally sentenced, the NRL can turn around and say “You’ve served a lengthy sentence, but that’s not enough. We’re going to tack some more time on as well.”

It really smacks of being the Nightclub That Never Closes. How many kicks in the guts does a player have to take before he’s judged to have been punished enough?

I don’t condone what May did for one second, but my initial reaction is that he’s been hard done by.

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A few days back I suggested Panthers should either back him or sack him. Looks like they have had an each-way bet and fined him instead.

What is even more interesting is that I cannot see any reference to May on the Panther’s website. Are Panthers in denial?

Agreed Bryan.

I think that the no fault stand down is potentially open to abuse too. What would happen if someone came forward accusing a star player of something on the eve of a big match (ie Grand Final), only for the player to later be acquitted? There is the potential for a premiership or origin series to be thrown in to turmoil by a false accusation.


Funnily enough, May was at Southlands shops on Sunday doing some kind of promo. Ordinarily I would say G’day to Panther players even if it was just a walk past. I saw May and completely dismissed whatever it was they were doing there………That was a glaring indication for me, I know now exactly how I feel and I would prefer him at another club.

Don’t get me wrong, some stuff that gets recorded these days is considered “standard” amongst our younger generation, but after Sunday, I want it to be other clubs / players who are involved and Panthers should be thinking the same. Get rid of the rot, set the standard and make it known anything untoward (anytime in reality) whilst on contract is not acceptable at Penrith !!!

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