Tyrone Peachey could depart Titans for Panthers within weeks

Peachey could depart Titans to make Panthers return

Michael Chammas | NRL.com | 8 Jun 2019

Tyrone Peachey’s brief stint at the Gold Coast could be over in the coming weeks as Penrith prepare to lure the former NSW representative back to the club before the June 30 transfer deadline.

NRL.com understands Peachey’s manager Sam Ayoub met the Titans over the past week in regards to an early release from his deal at the club on compassionate grounds, despite being six months into a three-year deal.

The Panthers, who now have a spot available on their roster after releasing Dallin Watene-Zeleniak on Friday night, have been in discussions with Peachey’s manager about the prospect of him returning to the club immediately.

Peachey’s family have struggled to adapt to life on the Gold Coast and are understood to be keen to return home to Sydney.

Penrith and Gold Coast officials are yet to make an official statement on the matter.

The Titans haven’t been happy with the form of Peachey, who became reluctant to join the club after signing a three-year contract early last year, and are understood to be willing to part ways if they are comfortable with the terms of his departure.

The Panthers never wanted to lose Peachey, however salary cap restraints forced him out of the club.

Now Watene-Zelezniak is on the move, the Panthers – who are desperate to add some spark and life into their attack - can afford to bring him back if they can come to an agreement with the Titans in the coming weeks.

After making his NRL debut at Cronulla, the 27-year-old joined the Panthers in 2014, building a close relationship with coach Ivan Cleary in their two seasons together.

Peachey’s struggles at the Titans cost him his spot as the NSW State of Origin bench utility, replaced by Canberra’s Jack Wighton for the opening game of the series.

He started the year in the centres for the Titans but now finds himself on the bench for Sunday’s local derby against the Broncos as the club tries to resurrect its season


This could turn out well for us, provided the money and salary cap works out ok.

Straight back into the centres, as enthusiastic Naden is, I think he is still a year or to away from regular first grade.

It was well reported that Peachey never wished to leave, so I believ he would bring a good attitude back to the club.

He was of course subject to the occasional on field brain snap, however nothing as serious or regular as the guy he would replace in the top 30.

some good news, sure to put a smile on the ‘farmers’ face !

Further to the main article, it seems that Tyrone Peachey has asked the Titans for an immediate release to Penrith.

The Peach won’t fix our problems but at least we can all say Panthers is where his heart is and as a supporter we cannot ask anymore from a player

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He might not fix all our problems but hopefully he will confine his tackling to the opposition.!!!
I would welcome Mr Peach back…he just adds the unexpected. Good player.

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Good points SBF and LGC!

A player who gives his all is always more valuable than a superstar who doesn’t.

And that saying applies equally to business as as it does sport.

There are four types of people in this world;

A) those who have the right attitude and ability

B) those who have the right attitude but limited ability.

C) those with the right ability but poor attitude

And D) those with poor attitude and limited ability.

Type A is who you always seek, but is less than common.

Always better to take good attudide over ability (type B). Ability can be improved through training and coaching, attitude is much harder to correct.

The above observations are my philosophy in business, but equally apply to sport.

an able attitude, with the right direction, is a winner. :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember a comment by Warren Ryan many decades ago; at the time I recall that he was coach of the scumdogs. His comment was “show me a team of players coming off-contract and I’ll show you a winning team”. So he clearly believed in the passion being more important than latent talent.

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Great quote and recollection FaulcoPete!

Live in Faulconbridge by any chance? Used to live there myself.

Yep, SouthernHillFan. Born in Penrith, raised in Glenbrook, finally came back to the Mtns and live in Faulco. I’ve supported Penrith since year one - school days then. I think that I bleed black.

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Expect to hear something about Tyrone Peachey’s playing future in the next few weeks. The Titans have confirmed that if Peachey asks for a release from the club they will grant it.

It will probably come down to if the Panthers have the cap room for Peachey to return. I would imagine something more concrete from both clubs in the following week. with 16 days left to the Trade Window deadline, I would expect that he would make it before the cutoff.

With word that James Maloney possibly getting a call up to the NSW Origin team, it would be handy to have somebody who can play in the halves with Luai.

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Masked panther in WW is reporting that perhaps the deal won’t be done in time for June30 deadline as, wait for it, the recruitment & retention committee will not be meeting until next week!!
In the final few weeks before the cut-off what else would/should they be doing except working on deals (ins & outs) prior to the deadline. Once Jun-30 comes & goes they can disband for several months.


if true, *^~# poor !

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Ridiculous - who allows that? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The Guardian reports that Leeds Rhino captain Kallum Watkins will join the Gold Coast at the end of the month. It was going to be at the end of the year, but the transfer has been moved forward.

Watkins is a back rower. Could this be a sign that Peachey is definitely leaving the Titans to come back to Penrith & Watkins is his replacement?

Beat me to it Bryan. With the signing of Kallum Watkins from Leeds I think the Titans are fully expecting to lose Peachey. I may even be that a deal has already been done, and the finer details are being fleshed out.

The Titans have confirmed that if Peachey want a release he will get it. It all comes down to what Penrith say about the situation.

I guess we’ll know when the recruitment & retention committee decide to wander in off the golf course & have a meeting.

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It’s been reported that Parramatta Eels have signed Waqa Blake to a 4.5 year deal effective immediately. This hasn’t been confirmed by either club as yet, nut if this is the case, I would imagine that the Panthers would be set to announce Tyrone Peacheys return to Penrith.

UPDATE: It’s official. Panthers have granted a release.

Good riddance if he doesn’t want to be part of the team. Maybe he wants to stay but salary cap pressure is saying otherwise. At the end of the day WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON

The annoying part is that we let go of another junior, and I believed that the future was the juniors

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