Warriors sack Kearney

Warriors have the distinction of the first club to sack a coach this year.
With so many coaches being named as on thin ice,Kearney was never in the news as a possible and moreso considering the adversity Warriors have faced in moving base to Australia

I find it hard to process how easy a club can sack a coach yet players seem quarantined from this sort of action from clubs.

But it is what it is and there are still some coaches who are on notice like Pay,McGregor,Morris and even Green and Siebold.

a surprising covid-19 casualty, the first of many?

if you are watching the Tigers v Cowboys game…Green may be next

Tigers lead 34 NIL with 4 minutes to go in the FIRST half!!!

… you think the ‘out of towners’ are doing it particularly tough?
Read today Canberra are on their way back to the ACT shortly!
Broncos are mortally wounded and Melbourne can go to blazes.

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Oh dear, word has it that some Warriors players want to return home putting
their 2020 campaign in doubt. Stay tuned !

Always thought he was overrated (as a coach) myself, didn’t expect this at this time though.

I heard Hook was a contender for the job, he is exactly what they need, a cuddler who instills the disciplines needed and if you don’t like it, cya later.

Those Warriors players have too many “issues” personally that they need to resolve if they truly want to be winners. Family is massively important, but shouldn’t be to the detriment of your ability and desire for success.

Well I saved my cash. I was willing to bet on McGregor being the first to go in 2020. He’s a dead man walking but seems the dragons can’t afford to sack him as they can’t pay the $'s to pay out the contract they extended him on last year?? What, a few more seasons & they will maybe go out backwards? That review by Gould is looking to be money well spent - not!

Agree with Kevin, never rated Kearney, but not sure who can turn the worriers into a consistent performer. Maybe too many changes of ownership & then, from impatience, coaches & players to enable any real momentum to be a strong club.

The timing of this is of course unfortunate for all concerned.

Yer the McGregor is looking more likely given they now have a selection committee and have won 2 games since its inception lol