We need to talk about PVL

I have sat on this article I was writing for a while and adding to it, hoping to publish it, I thought for a while that I was wrong in my thinking, but over the past few weeks, I feel I was right all along.

PVL: Time to go.

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In a recent series of developments, Peter V’Landys, the chairman of the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC), has come under public scrutiny for a range of decisions and comments that have raised questions about the direction and integrity of the ARLC under his leadership.

Controversial Remarks on Radio Show

V’Landys faced criticism following his appearance on a radio show where he labeled the New Zealand Kiwis as “losers,” despite their notable victory in the Pacific Cup and a previous global number one ranking. This remark, which V’Landys made in jest, was not well-received, particularly given his influential role in the ARLC and the Kiwis’ evident disapproval of the comment.

ARLC’s Real Estate Ventures

Under V’Landys’ stewardship, the ARLC has embarked on an aggressive real estate investment strategy. This was highlighted by the recent $600 million offer to acquire a Sunshine Coast Hotel, expanding the ARLC’s burgeoning property portfolio. This move has garnered criticism, especially considering the ongoing struggles of the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) to secure a modest increase in pay and benefits for players.

NRL’s Expansion to Las Vegas

The NRL’s venture into Las Vegas, ostensibly aimed at popularizing the sport in the United States, has been viewed skeptically. Critics, including the author, suggest that the true motive behind choosing Las Vegas as a venue is to tap into and expand the gambling market, a sector where V’Landys, who also serves as the Chief Executive of Racing NSW, has shown significant interest. This expansion into gambling is seen as a potential departure from the traditional values and interests of Rugby League.

Funding Cuts and Expansion Strategies

V’Landys’ decision to slash funding for the NSW Rugby League in 2022 has been another point of contention. This action is perceived as detrimental to the development of clubs, competitions, and junior talent in New South Wales, with critics arguing that it priorities real estate investments and rapid expansion over the grassroots development of the sport. Along with aggressive expansion strategies could have long term issues, reminiscent of the problematic rapid expansion strategies of the ARL in the 1990s, which had long-term negative consequences for the league.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The article concludes with a reflection on the long-term implications of V’Landys’ decisions for the future of Rugby League. It suggests that while V’Landys aims to secure the sport’s future, there is growing concern among fans and stakeholders about whether his vision aligns with the broader interests of the sport. A reassessment of V’Landys’ approach might be necessary to ensure the sustained health and integrity of Rugby League.
NOTE: This article is the opinion of the author, and does not represent the views of the Panther Pride website, nor the Penrith Panthers club.


Hard to argue with any of the points you have made.

I’m pretty sure I heard or read that PVL admitted that the Las Vegas venture was about opening up new markets for increasing gambling revenue.

We discussed a few times in 2022-23 that PVL had reached his Use By Date in the NRL.

When C-19 hit it was a case of ‘Cometh the Time, Cometh the Man’. We need to be grateful for his efforts to keep the game alive in unprecedented times. His Just Do It stance was perfect for the situation - I don;t beleive anyone in the NRL would have been able to do what he did & I particularly loved his putting that blowhard Fitzsimons in his place.

Once the ‘norm’ returned, the PVL attitude was no longer required - his lack of understanding of the tribal nature of our game, his captains calls & lack of understanding that RL is not anything like horse racing have been definite negatives. Also, under his watch, he has again allowed the blowout of the number of people feeding at the NRL trough to surpass pre-pandemic levels.

The game needs to focus on its core business, not other things. Maybe PVL needs to be the PM?

Thanks Peter, I’m sure there are others who need your help now - the ARU could be a good starting point :slight_smile:

…and now he wants a pay rise.

And increase the salary cap pro rata Peter?

Also, don’t forget that PVL drastically under-sold the broadcast rights to foxtel. I believe this is a big contributor to the almost frequent and gushing reviews he receives from fox.

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Who was the other bidder?

If I recall correctly, PVL sealed the TV deal pretty quickly to extend with Nine/Foxtel and didn’t really allow for other interested bidders to make an offer.

Channel Ten at the time was making a big effort to sweep up sporting codes with the money injected from new owners CBS/Paramount. There was interest in the NRL or possibly State of Origin as a standalone product.

The deal was closed relatively quickly as I believe it wasn’t so much a open tender but rather a extension of the current contract at a new price.

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Cheers Steve, I didn’t recall the details of the extension of the rights.

I recall that on the previous occasion, the NRL received a better offer elsewhere, but elected to remain with the status-quo, but I think that may have been the ‘total’ rights went to 9, and they subcontracted the ‘non-FTA’ to Fox??

Yeah, that was the 2018-22 TV deal. The other bidder was Channel 7 on that occasion.

That was brokered by Todd Greenberg. You could make a case it was the beginning of the end for Todd.


I still can’t believe he can do both jobs, surely there would be a better vision and or result if he was focused solely on one area.