Week 2 Juniors Results


:rugby_football: SG Ball Cup (U18’s)
Penrith Panthers 34 Tries Jeremy Stowers (3), Ezra Coulston (2), Taylan May, Sadee Sub Laban
Goals Bailey Hughes (3/7)
North Sydney Bears 16 Tries Luke Butfield, Ryan Weatherall, Ali Chrara
Goals Luke Butfield (2/3)


:rugby_football: Harold Matthews Cup (U16’s)
Penrith Panthers 28 Tries Liam Vella (2), Jesse Buchan (2), Mason Teague
Goals Jesse Buchan (4/5)
North Sydney Bears 16 Tries Tye Leyshon, Christian Abal
Goals Zac Knight (2/2)


:rugby_football: Tarsha Gale Cup (U18’s)
Penrith Panthers 40 Tries Reshaun Vaughan (2), Cydney-Lee Cherrington (2), Hayley Mcgregor, Alana Everingham-Bryan, Viviarnna Simpson, Lavinia Taiseni
Goals Litiana Tuifua (3/7), Carlene Lever (1/1)
Canterbury Bulldogs 8 Tries Lianimishay Mahara, Victoria Barham
Goals None


:rugby_football: Laurie Daley Cup (CRL U18’s)
Western Rams 34 Tries M Atkins (2), B Lovett (2), R Blackhall, J Hartwig
Goals T Colley (5/7)
Penrith Panthers 18 Tries S Turuva (2), M Owen
Goals C Mason (3/3)


:rugby_football: Andrew Johns Cup (CRL U16’s)
Western Rams 14 Tries B Porter, Z Williams, B Hamilton
Goals M Noakes (1/3)
Penrith Panthers 12 Tries U Elisara, E Gosche
Goals T Bunting (2/2)


Video Replay of the CRL Andrew Johns Cup and Laurie Daley Cup Matches

Andrew Johns Cup (U16’s)

Laurie Daley Cup (U18’s)

Courtesy of Bar TV Sports

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