Where were you, and where are you now?

Just saw this in a Facebook group. Where were you in life during our 2 Premierships, and where are you now?

Age: 17
Lived: Engadine
Relationship: single,
Worked: HSC student, refereeing basketball & delivering pamphlets to make money

Age: 29
Lived: Engadine
Relationship: had just started dating my now ex
Worked: Thrifty Car Rental, Liverpool

Age: 46
Live: Engadine
Relationship: single
Work: Sydney Buses, Waverley

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Age: 34
Lived: Werrington
Relationship: married, 2 young sons
Worked: technical sales, Minto

Age: 46
Lived: Glenmore Park
Relationship: married, 2 sons
Worked: Manager, St Marys

Age: 63
Live: Glenmore Park
Relationship: married, empty nesters
Work: Manager, St Marys

Will be at the game with my 2 sons on Sunday! The eldest is 34, the same age I was when we won in '91


Age: 41
Lived: Normanhurst
Relationship: Living in sin
Worked: Between jobs

Age: 53
Lived: Gold Coast
Relationship: As above
Worked: Retired

Age: 70
Live: Gold Coast
Relationship: Married to the aforementioned co-sinner.
Work: Still retired.

And looking ahead;

Same as 2020 except age will increase.


Age: 19
Lived: Sth Penrith
Relationship: Alcohol and Reactor1
Worked: Dole

Age: 31
Lived: Sth Penrith
Relationship: Girlfriend shenanigans
Worked: Warehouse Manager

Age: 48
Live: Sth Penrith
Relationship: Married to Girlfriend from 2003 with a 9yr old daughter (practice paid off)
Work: Business Consultant

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I’m 67, 3 yrs younger than the birdman.
live in Blacktown &, married to like co-sinner 30+ yrs (you get less for murder),
working part time (3 days per week) not for much longer.
'91 - drink at brothers , '03 - drink at the pub. '20 drink at home.


Emu Plains
Living with parents
In School
Watched GF from living room on tiny screen

Glenmore Park
Married with baby son
Working shift work
Watched GF from Southern end with my Brother

Emu Plains
Married with 2 sons, 2 daughters
Working from home in a management role

1 son and 1 daughter accompanying me to the GF, to watch with my Brother from the Southern end.

Wife and other kids watching from home on 96” projector.

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And for a little more, including superstition;

‘91 - I wore a ‘91 jersey and my sister a ‘90
‘03 - I wore a ‘02 jersey and my brother my old ‘91
‘20 - my kids, my brother and I are all wearing ‘19 jerseys, although I will have my ‘02 underneath.

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Adding on where I watch the games:

1991 - parents house (only game my parents, brother & sister ever watched with me, none are Panthers supporters)
2003 - Bay 110, row 8
2020 - Bay 101, row 8

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This year bay 142, row 28

2003 I was in bay 143, row 14

Was sitting in bay 110, row 17 last weekend.

In 2003 against the warriors I was in bay 108 row 9

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No idea of the bay/row number but in 1991 it was about 25 rows back from where Greg Alexander kicked the last conversion. Sat next to a couple of Raiders supporters; that was enjoyable.


In '91 it was at Football Stadium. We were a few rows from fence in SW corner, close to where MG was sent to bin.
In '03 were were about 6 rows from front on Eastern side, close to where Sattler’s tackle took place.

Today we are in 143-2 Row 38, so at Southern end.


In 91, I was 31. Single, living in Epping. I was a Courier. Watched the GF at a BBQ with mates.

2003, I was 43, de-facto, living in Alexandria. I was a freelance Writer. Missed the GF 'cos my partner’s brother took too much speed that day & we had to go to Bankstown Hospital to be with him. He always was a dropkick! Fortunately, I taped the game off TV.

2020 - 60, living at Dungog, still de-facto, same partner of 24 years. Now I’m a part-time Massage Therapist. Will watch the game on TV if the reception holds.

Go Panthers!!