Why are "Sold Out" Games not actually Sold Out?

Ah, another ‘sold out’ match, with masses of unoccupied seats in the reserved seats section. Pity there isn’t a system of enabling seat holders to on-sell their seats on a game-by-game basis (as long as they are to Penrith fans, not the opponent supporters). It would be also interesting to survey the ‘non-showers’ to determine the main reasons why so many persistently fail to turn up. If they don’t do so in these magic days, when will they do so?

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A few NFL teams have something to that, where a ticketed member can go onto the portal and flag their seat as available if they are not going, and the NFL Club sells the tickets to people who want to buy them. Your Season Ticket gets ‘locked out’ for that game a ticket is issued in its place.

You get a credit for the ticket minus the discounted ticket price and the clubs fee for facilitating it. They want as many people buying concessions as possible so it would make sense to have something like that in place.

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I regularly have a couple of extra seats. I went halves in a family ticket with my mate who died in January, so I have extras this year. Sometimes have other friends with me, sometimes I don’t. As for this game, might be using all 4 tickets, might not even get there (having Covid jab that morning). Won’t know for sure until the afternoon of the game.

Re the attendance, I was wondering how it works.

I’ve got a 6 game membership, I can go to any game/s I like, if i want to use all 6 tickets at 1 game i can. So, given that I haven’t used 1 yet, does that mean they can only sell the maximum number of available tickets -6 for me, in case i use all 6???

How do they maintain the capacity in this instance?

@Kevin They can only sell tickets that are not part of Season Tickets. Those tickets are already considered sold regardless if you attend or not.

@SteveTidball so in essence, people like me are “corrupting” the possible attendance numbers through the season where I DON’T use them straight away?

My point is, if I used all 6 tickets on the 1st game of the season, the remaining games could have 6 extra tickets to be sold per game…is that right?

@Kevin No attendance at the game is always taken from gate and turnstile data.

If it was taken from ticket sales (including the Season Ticket data) then the number would be 22,500 for a sellout game.

So even though they call it a sellout i.e. all non seasoned tickets sold, they can still sell additional tickets at the gate until the 22,500 capacity is actually achieved?

In that instance, if I turn up after the 22,500th person enters the ground, I am turned away even though I have a ticket?

@Kevin No, Season Tickets are locked out as things are now. They can only sell ‘available’ tickets (Which are seat that have not been purchased). Once those tickets are sold, it is considered a Sell Out as they can’t sell any more tickets.

A sellout though does not mean the stadium is at capacity though. If members don’t attend that seat will remain vacant… they can not sell that seat as things stand now.

I believe a way to deal with this is what I had described above. It would allow for those tickets that would not be used by Season Ticket holders to be resold at a discounted price to those wishing to go. The sale price can go towards credit for a new season ticket next year, credit to buy merch or directly refunded (minus the cost of selling the ticket of course).

I noticed that there is a lot of talk about this particular topic in the Game Day Thread. I split the topic as I feel this warrants discussion on it’s own.

To add what I have mentioned before about a ‘exchange’ for season tickets for particular matches, please refer to the diagram below to give a general idea of what I was suggesting.

In these days of apps, phones and notifications it would be simple to fix;

Have a membership app (also holds your passes, tickets, competitions and discounts, for selfish reasons imbed patherpride forum in the app?

3 days from game, send a confirmation notification of attendance (make allowance if phone is switched off or not in cell / Wi-Fi range).

Requires positive confirmation within 24hrs or tickets released.

Up until game time, allow for voluntary release of tickets.

Recredit a % to members who release their tickets, and a next season discount for members use use their tickets 100% - this encourages members to release their tickets if not going (make the % recredit reducible based on the timing of release).

What do you think?


I think Steve and SHF should be employed by Panthers for this very reason. A very common sense approach to a situation that Penrith have not really found themselves in since the early 2000’s :rofl:

The fact Steve has added the club facilitator fee removes the hyperbole from the club about not being able to resource the function, and as SHF has stated, the modern age suggests it shouldn’t be an issue either.

Love ya work peeps !

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@SouthernHillFan I think that would work well. Most people would be able to do that with a mobile phones and as NFC is becoming more mainstream it would make sense to go digital.

It may alienate some of the more senior members, but I can’t see why both the phone and physical system can run co-currently. I believe Ticketek run the entire ticketing operation for Panthers, and I would assume such a system would be run by them (if they don’t already have a system like this in place).

Really it would only require is the club to call Ticketek and see what available to them.

All this sounds good, but my question is how is it arranged that we don’t end up with a dipstick eels supporter in the midst of the members. That would really piss me off if I ended up with a dope in an eels jersey sitting next to me.
Note: I dodge dopes as much as possible in real life & don’t want one next to me at the footy.


and the team you reference mrwalker, they are ALL dipsticks…

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Absolutely, Mr Walker. As I commented in my initiating post, I was thinking of restricting this facility to Penrith fans - because if really pisses me off when a ‘foreigner’ somehow gets among the faithful and relentlessly cheers for them in my ear. That was particularly irritating in the years when a home win was a rarity, so over the past couple of years it hasn’t been an issue. But, sadly, I don’t expect to be always such a magic time.

Even in areas like the Panther den - which contains a massive sign saying “Panthers Fans only” you still get away fans in there.

I was very confused last weekend when the roosters ran out at half time, because I heard clapping nearby. I turned to my left and there were two ladies in roosters jerseys behind me. I said “What are you doing here” then continued to boo the ever-loving shit out of the Roosters as you do.

I believe the club thinks that you can’t exactly discriminate against what people are wearing. And of course you’re going to get ‘traitor’ den members who flog their tickets to their mates who support the opposition team. Which leaves me conflicted.

I will add though, that I don’t believe the Den is fully sold out, as you always see plenty of empty seats in bay 37.

Buying back tickets isn’t a new concept, and i know it could be set up where you don’t get that refund unless the ticket is actually purchased. It would be a great option, particularly in current pandemic times where anyone can be suddenly forced to isolate.


Going back a few years, a bunch of seats behind me were in the name of one of the sponsors, a glass company. Those seats seemed to be used by different people, and I was informed that they were given to customers for each home game. The problem was that, invariably, those using the seats were enemy supporters. Statistically, you’d expect most would be Penrith fans, so the obvious conclusion was that they were deliberately given to the opposing team’s fans. That really pissed me off, particularly given that in those years there far too many home ground losses. I haven’t used that firm since! Such is tribalism.