Why Panthers can emulate the Eels of the 80’s

I don’t like reading about Penrith being compared to Parramatta in any context. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Let’s worry about 2 in a row first (although it would be good to stretch it as far as possible)

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The biggest problem with success is that it becomes hard to keep the band together.

Even after last years success we seen Momrovski, Burton, Naden, Capewell move on. We also seen some loss in depth with Brendan Hands move on.

Next year we will see Koroisau and Kikau move on and more depth in the extremely talented Isaiya Katoa move over to the Dolphins.

The great part about our club is the money and resource we put into the Juniors system at Penrith. we have the SG Ball team heading to the Semi Finals next week after beating the Steelers this week, and Harold Mathews playing in the finals also.

We field very competitive NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg sides. The NSW Cup side looks like I would give a few NRL teams a run for their money at the moment.

We are blessed to have the massive luxury to be able to have a assembly line of talented young players to push through the pathways and have the strongest representation of local juniors in the their first grade side.

I feel the Panthers have got the system right and have the model for rugby league clubs to emulate to grow this great game. We truly live in the food bowl for the NRL, supplying talent to the entire league.

If the Panthers play their cards right they could be sitting on the edge of a dynasty that will rival the Storm’s amazing run of success and that of the Dragons of old and their 11 premiership run.

Like I has said in another thread… The Panthers ARE the standard right now. They are the benchmark for success in the NRL today.


What we are seeing now is what Gould was referring to when he first mentioned his 5 year plan. It was all about putting they systems in place to provide the production line of talent we are seeing now