Your Offseason Sports Routine

Well, another Panthers season comes to an end, and the jerseys are put back in the closet for another year. The long wait for season 2019 begins.

So what do you watch in the meantime, what are the Spring/Summer sports you enjoy and who do you support?

Feel free to make this place you home for your Spring/Summer sports interest over the off season in the in the Off Topic. While we may all be Panthers fans, I have a feeling we are probably quite different in other sports. :joy:

For me, I traditionally watch American sports in the off-season as well as a few Summer Sports.

NFL - New Orleans Saints
NBA - New Orleans Pelicans
A-League - Western Sydney Wanderers
BBL - Sydney Sixers

I used to watch Bathurst 1000 and stopped watching it (Was getting tired of the Ford v Holden thing), when other manufacturer got back in the game I started watching again, following “Garry Rogers/Volvo”, but it seems many of the brands are gone again and last year I found pretty boring. I don’t think will be watching this year.

Premier League - West Ham
A-League - Wanderers

BDSFA - Summer Soccer (U14’s son’s side). :sunglasses:
They’ll go mighty close to winning tournament this year.

I don’t really have a routine in the off season, never miss the 2 big test matches, no matter where I am 10am Boxing Day I will be on someone’s lounge…

Re Bathurst Steve, going back there this year for the first time since about 2003, I stopped going because the corporate took over, 50 people in a space that could fit 5000, they have 4 dunnies and the plebs on the chase share 2…

Melbourne Cup, take a day off to enjoy that!

Other than that, I like the golf when it’s in town and watch a bit of the pyjama cricket.

DAYUM! That’s a hard slog. Hope they stay hydrated, that Summer sun can be brutal.

Premier league - whoever is playing Manchester United.

Watch bits and pieces of the cricket. Just a thought; if it is illegal to rough up the ball, why then is it ok to polish it. Surely both are ball tampering.

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I thought this exact thing myself, isn’t any alteration to the ball to an advantage be considered tampering. This, I have asked to friends in cricket circles and I have never given me a straight answer.

wacking it continuously with a timber bat ain’t doin it much good to begin with.
Stupid game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s the busiest time of the year for me with work, so I don’t get to see too many games, but I generally follow Sydney FC, Sydney Kings, Sydney Thunder & Dallas Cowboys. Also try to keep an eye on a few other overseas teams (LA Lakers, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Crystal Palace to name a few) but only look at the scores & standings every few weeks.

Sydney FC ???

never figured you for a smurf Mutley. :wink:

Sydney is sky blue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You so called Aussies…when you shine the ball you are trying to enable longevity, scuffing or damaging the ball to improve an immediate outcome is ‘ball tampering’ ie meddling with its life cycle detrimentally.

Note: the ball starts off shiny, maintaining the shine as best you can is an acceptable action. The issue with the reverse is just that, making the ball reverse against its normal function.

I do realise you intelligent mob know that !!!

I should also point out that only “natural” human additives (sweat / saliva) are allowed in the shining, using anything artificial to do this is also considered ball tampering.

Never really understood the science; probably because reverse didn’t exist when I was a kid. Mind you, neither did cholesterol.

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The reverse, in the old days when cholesterol wasn’t a factor, generally only happened in test matches when the ball was getting tired, the fact it is happening now in one day cricket is clear evidence that foul play is at hand.

In my humble opinion, and being an ex bowler, we need some kind of help, bats get bigger, grounds get smaller and the pitches are getting harder…all relating to the bowler getting flogged.

Maybe they can use those bouncy “Superballs” they used to have in those toy vending machines for 20 cents outside the take away shops back in the day, would give a whole new definition to the term “bouncer”. :laughing:

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… ‘Bouncer’
would refer to the comfort level of any sofa Kev was reclining on. :grinning:


They are great in the back yard too, bit of electrical tape one side and Schwwiiinnngggg akin to ball tampering lol

Puss, not a lot of bounce when I plonk on a lounge, maybe crack and snap. What you get afterwards is the canoe effect ha haaaa

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well Sunday will once again mark the end of winter sports for another year. Ours finished two weeks ago! Familiar pattern :slight_smile:

I will follow the spring racing carnivals, including of course The Cup, but there is a bunch of great racing over the next 6 weeks or so.

I will follow the MLB playoffs & will watch some cricket over the summer, although I doubt with the usual interest after the events of last summer. I will likely take a look at the golf & hope to see some of the darts.

So a ‘healthy’ diet of sports to take us thru to footy next year. I already have a head start having renewed our season tickets today! I hope we get our $355 worth :grin:

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Well Puss looks like our team won yesterday

only one side in the Premier League as inconsistent as … well you know
birdman. Beating Manchester United is like Panthers beating Storm 50-0.
Lovely day ain’t it ??? :sunglasses:

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This does remind me of one of my favorite “IT Crowd” scenes…