[2019] R1 Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

eels have lost Brown as well to a pectoral

so we are equal on players and Eels have had more ball so fatigue will hurt us most.

Cleary has to adjust our game plan and how we approach this last 40 minutes

This will be very tight or eels will blow us away in game 1.

Egan has been playing well.

I think the key is Maloney getting more involved.

… on the bright side, 8 points is not an unassailable lead.

correction 14. We’re rubbish.

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0–14, now we star to play?

I repeat, absolute rubbish !

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its only Round 1 and having watched a lot of teams so far

i said Newcastle and Cronulla were workmanlike and at a lower level

well the Panthers are below this

2019 could be a nightmare because Eels are only workmanlike

BTW how do you get 10 minutes for a knockout on Yeo?

now here we go harlem football

is Griffen still coaching?

Gould might get the chance to sack Cleary again on this effort

we look terrible in every area

no intensity in defence and absolutely nothing in attack

Its round 1 …i get it but for all the diehards out there…what have you seen which is different to the rubbish we have seen in recent years?

Round 1 is a chance for all teams to make a statement…we said boo

and the Eels accepted the challenge

We may challenge Bulldogs and Manly for the wooden spoon on that crap.

Psst Phil…is it a 10 year plan now?

Ok, well this was hard to watch for all the reasons mentioned by the above posters.

The good;

Edwards, RCG, Tahmou, Egan, Latoa, Yeo

The bad;

Cleary, Jimmy,

The Ugly;

Blake, Whare, Hetherington, Mansour,

Those who shouldn’t have played;

DWZ - clearly underdone and hasn’t trained

Those who haven’t been mentioned were average.

DWZ was for mine worst on field - clearly untrained and unfit

Hetherington should never play 2nd row, he forgot his positional defense which lead to a try.

Why oh why did Lueui replace Egan? Shouldn’t he have come on at lock to add a 3rd attacking option? We had the momentum and ruined it.

All in all a disappointing result, but it is round one …

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its the modern penchant to play a second hooker, god knows why
Luai is NO hooker and i agree why bring him on for Egan?

Moreover Cleary (the player) was terrible and never looked like getting involved

Personally i would have hooked either Cleary or Maloney and brought Luai on for them
Luai looked lively and likely to do anything

Maloney and Cleary looked like they were still at ODonogues waiting to be served

Very disappointing, and losing Sele - possibly with a broken arm - & Yeo made it even worse.

Our forwards were outgunned, Ferguson played all over Mansour & the discipline was very poor. We looked bereft of ideas in attack. If you factor in the last trial against Parra, we went over 3 halves of footy without scoring a point. That’s a big worry. Wade Egan didn’t do much at dummy half until he finally ran the ball & scored a try. Interestingly, we looked a lot better when Luai came on to replace him.

I doubt the team’s mind was really on the game - still think there’s baggage from the video scandal in their heads.

A lot of work needs to be done. Quickly.

on this effort today and just looking at our draw…i cannot see us winning a game until round 20 and that is a maybe

we play Newcastle next week followed by Storm

Knights will be full of energy and running due to their win and Storm are Storm.

take a look at our draw…we will need a transplant of effort and ability to scare any of these teams.


Are we seriously going to excuse this rubbish from all players because of May being a star in the porn industry?

These guys are all on $200k plus a year and they are NOT porn stars but footballers…thats what they get paid for

On todays effort…we are in a terrible place

Maybe just maybe we have accepted the crap as supporters for too long

Today was crap…the only excuse i want to hear from Cleary in the coaches interview for the after game is admission we were crap

If he starts to churn out excuses like we had distractions…we are gone!

… rumour has it that a certain forumite was seen in the Chairmans Lounge
rummaging for a neck tie left by a previous Panther coach.

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maybe the board aka Dave, Ian,Mark and a few others might be looking who to blame for this fiasco

To think they impaled Griffin for todays rubbish just to keep Nathan

The tail wagged the dog and look what we got

I know this may sound a tad cliché but it’s only Round 1 guys. Sure it wasn’t best performance out there today (not even close), but let’s at least wait a couple of rounds before the ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’.

There were some good performances out there today. Tamou would be close to the best out there today, he was in almost everything and his defence and attack was solid. There was a lot out there to learn from today, and it’s best these problems are identified now and ironed out rather then it popping up later.

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I agree Steve it is round 1

Sure its not panic stations and if Tamou was our best …are we in trouble?

Lets see how we go against Knights next week…before we begin looking for a new coach and players who have some guts/ability/effort

BTW…even our glorious leader Gould said we were crap…BEFORE todays game

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I, the said moron will henceforth commence typing with my knuckles should it be proven my posts are inflammatory or ignorant.

Edwards performance; no idea how many metres as yet, but plenty of work from dummy half, 1 try assist and numerous line breaks.

1 error (as with every back), no out of positon play in defence, plenty of workload.

Without reviewing stats, that’s a “good” performance for this moron.

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posters …lets not focus on each other

lets talk about the team and todays efforts

I am interested in hearing from anyone with something positive today

Steve says tam was our best

SHF says Edwards went good

so far we have 2 saying 2 players went OK

unless i can get another lot of posters saying we had another 15 saying they played great …we are in deep doo

I thought every single player in the squad and the entire coaching squad should be asking questions of themselves by todays efforts

we had the wind in the first half and one of the best long kickers in Cleary…not once did we set up for a long kick

leave alone player efforts…were were the tactics?

the discourse on this forum should be about the Panthers…not posters IMHO

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