[2019] R23 Cowboys v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Game Day Information #NRLCowboysPanthers

:rugby_football: Match North Queensland Cowboys v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue 1300SMILES Stadium, Townsville QLD
:clock10: Time Friday 23rd August 2019 6:00pm
:tickets: Tickets Ticketek [Link]
:stadium: Gates Open Gates Open 3:45pm
:rugby_football: Other Matches CCN North Sydney Bears v Penrith Panthers SUN 25/8 1:10pm*
JFC North Sydney Bears v Penrith Panthers SUN 25/8 11:10am*
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :full_moon: Clear 22°C (0% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
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:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg matches to be played at North Sydney Oval, Sydney NSW

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

Nth Qeensland Cowboys 24 Tries Kyle Feldt (2), Murray Taulagi, Jason Taumalolo
Goals Jordan Kahu (4/4)
Penrith Panthers 10 Tries Brian To’o, Isaah Yeo
Goals Nathan Cleary (1/2)

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Telstra Premiership Canterbury Cup NSW Jersey Flegg Cup
:rugby_football: Panthers v Cowboys :rugby_football: Bears v Panthers :rugby_football: Bears v Panthers
:clock3: Friday 23/8 6:00pm :clock3: Sunday 25/8 1.10pm :clock3: Sunday 25/8 11.15am
:stadium: 1300SMILES Stadium :stadium: North Sydney Oval :stadium: North Sydney Oval
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Charlie Staines 1. Daine Laurie
2. Stephen Crichton 2. :small_red_triangle: Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 2. Justin Jones
3. Dean Whare 3. Shannon Harris 3. Jake Tago
4. Brent Naden 4. Tyrell Fuimaono 4. Luke Geary
5. Brian To’o 5. Matheson Johns 5. Matthew Faauila
6. James Maloney 6. Matt Burton 6. Adam Fearnley
7. Nathan Cleary 7. Dean Blore 7. Brendan Hands
8. James Tamou (C) 8. Sam Mckendry 8. John Trimboli
9. Mitch Kenny 9. Sione Katoa 9. Ryan Pritchard
10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Kaide Ellis (C) 10. Lindsay Smith
11. Viliame Kikau 11. Billy Burns 11. Terrell May
12. Liam Martin 12. Frank Winterstein 12. Alex Myles
13. Isaah Yeo 13. :small_red_triangle: Hame Sele 13. J’Maine Hopgood (C)
14. :small_red_triangle_down: Jarome Luai 14. Reed Izzard 14. Maurice Trindall
15. Spencer Leniu 15. Pat Hollis 15. Brad Gaut
16. Moses Leota 16. Nick Lui-Toso 16. Jack Quinn
17. Reagan Campbell-Gillard 17. Paea Pua 17. Ratu Nanovo
18. :small_red_triangle: Wayde Egan 18. Nitoa Kairu
19. Billy Burns 19. Glenn Mcgrady
20. :small_red_triangle_down: Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 20. Thomas Lofts
21. :small_red_triangle_down: Hame Sele 21. Dylan Mcbain
Coach: Ivan Cleary Coach: Guy Missio Coach: Ben Harden

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership Canterbury Cup NSW Jersey Flegg
Referee Matt Cecchin Todd Smith Joey Butler
Phil Henderson Drew Oultram -
Sideline Official Tim Alouani-Roby James Vella Jimmy Oliveira
Dave Munro Adam Reid Andrew Gilchrist
Video Referee Steve Chiddy - -
Bryan Norrie - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2019 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Matt Cecchin 2001 (0/0) 100.00% (15/33) 45.45% 109 119.5 0.91
Phil Henderson 2018 (1/1) 100.00% (2/4) 50.00% 17 16 1.06

Note: First appearance in a Panthers match for 2019 by Matt Cecchin

the only person dropped was Mansour…with Laui coming onto the interchange bench

Maybe Ivan doesn’t think Maloney is useless either!

The video ref is that bloke that doesn’t see eye gouging or stiff arms…GAME ON lol

Well D-day is here. All up to the boys to keep the season alive. No more chances if we lose.

The effort of last week needs to be combined with a little more patience & control. We need a bit more than just giving the ball to Billy and saying do your best.

Will be watching from The Bandy

Yeah, that’s pretty much where we are. By my math we will need to win 2 of the last 3 to cement a spot in the top 8.

We can get away with 1 win, but a lot of things would need to work out in our favor, our poor F/A will pretty much set us at the bottom of the placings withy teams on the same competition points.

If we are unfortunate enough to lose to the Cowboys, then I have us at next to no chance of beating the Roosters and it’s all over, red rover.

I’m still amazed that we are in the mix come Round 23. At Round 10 I think most had us dead in the water. Not sure how things would pan out in the finals if we are to make it, but the team will need to get a lot better, and fast, if they hope to be a chance of progressing to Week 2.

The NRL site has the Panthers finishing ranging from 5th to 15th with only 3 weeks to go, give you an idea on how tight the ladder is this season.

The best case scenario for cementing a spot is for us to keep winning, and the Broncos to keep losing. They don’t have a great run home [Rabbitohs (H), Eels (H), Bulldogs (A)] and have a few injuries and suspensions, it is entirely possible the Broncos could lose all three of those matches. The Sharks also have a tough run as well facing three teams desperate to finish strongly [Warriors (H), Raiders (H), Tigers (A)].

As you had said MrWalker, it’s all up to them now.

No changes to the lineup for tonight. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak and Hame Sele have been omitted from the extended team and will line up for the Canterbury Cup NSW side against the North Sydney Bears on Sunday.

UPDATE: Jerome Luai has been dropped from teh squad with Wayde Egan promoted from reserve to interchange bench.

It doesn’t take much to build confidence, a good win by a margin and our group will be upbeat. Defeat means book your room for the trip away…

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Win and win well, nothing less will convince me we deserve
to be in the eight. I’m sorry fella’s but we blew it.

What, 6 months out from season 2020 and we’re looking forward
to the emergence of new NRL stars Burton etc It’s the same
every year and no doubt we’ll be talking 'bout season 2021 next Aug.

Our strategy is for the ‘then’, not for the ‘now’. That’s why 2003
was such a pleasant shock.

Fast forward and Goulds 5 year plan was a sham and still is.
The lauded ‘academy’ developing players for other clubs is

We’ve locked in a ‘family’ for years to come on big dollars
to account for the ‘then’ and overlooked the ‘now’.

2003, was a accident, not a plan and 2019 a disappointment
even if they make the 8.

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… there you have it, run out of excuses haven’t we ???

WOW. Maloney, ever since he signed to leave his brain has been on vacation. There is no way we can improve that much to threaten in the semis. Dump him and plan for 2020 like PUSS said. Let Cleary run our last 2 games.


Probably not the right place to post this, but will put it here anyway.

I’ve been trying to stay positive all season, and we are still a small chance of featuring in the finals, but it’s probably time to be brutal.

Our season was over before it began. The sex tapes scandal in the off season has been an ongoing distraction for the squad, and we have lacked focus all season. While I could cop that excuse early in the season, they should have buried it & got on with the job by round 6. The only way to label it is unprofessional. We all have distractions away from our jobs, but remaining distracted & not performing for 6 months would get most people sacked.

At the start of the year, most of us would have been confident of a 4th straight finals appearance, and with the talent we have in the squad it wouldn’t have been an unreasonable expectation. Unfortunately the effort & execution has left a lot to be desired. We have been mostly poor, with glimpses of mediocrity. I’d almost go as far to say that the playing group as a whole (and in particular the players caught up in the sex tape scandal) owe the fans & sponsors an apology for what has happened this year,

The fact that we are still alive (barely) this season is mainly due to the efforts of our rookies, in particular Martin, Kenny, Naden & To’o. While they have made their share of mistakes, like rookies tend to do, I can’t fault their effort. The spark they have brought to the team is probably the only reason we aren’t staring down the barrel of a wooden spoon. It’s probably indicative of our season that they have been 4 of our best players. The only experienced players that I would rate alongside them this year are JFH & Tamou, who have probably been our 2 most consistent players. I’ll also give Leota a mention, he has been solid, and has shown improvement as the year has progressed.

As good a player as Maloney is, I think he has been a liability this year. If he was half as interested in playing the game as he is in arguing the point with the referees, we would probably be safe in the 8. Then there’s his defensive deficiencies & the penalties that he gives away. To be honest I don’t think we will miss him next year. Burton showed his worth against the Sharks, and Luai has a good bag of tricks too. Both are capable of stepping up & complementing Cleary in the halves next year. So au revior Maloney.

RCG & Mansour haven’t been the same since their injuries of the last couple of years. We look to have ready made replacements in Leniu & Chrichton, so it might be time to look at freeing up some cash on those contracts.

I’m also starting to think Whare is past his best. No doubt he can put on a few good hits in defence, but we need more than that from a centre, especially in attack. Not sure if we have someone ready to step into his shoes yet. Maybe Cartwright if he can stay fit.

A number of other “stars” have been well below their best this year, although have shown glimpses of form. Cleary, Edwards & Kikau in particular come to mind. Yeo hasn’t been as good as recent years, but has been mostly solid & consistent. His concussions early in the year may something to do with it, so I will wait & see how he goes next year before getting too worried about his form.

Given the way our season has gone, I’d be seriously considering getting the players back into training the Monday after our last game if I was Ivan Cleary. No off season holiday after what has happened. Most of them need to take a good hard look at themselves before next season kicks off.


agree Mutley and posted similar thoughts after last weeks game in that thread but last night we saw a team without guidance, without imagination and without determination.

Maloney was useless and simply re informed what i had argued for since he announced his departure, he should not have been selected and my view on him has been consistent since he came to the club.

But last night he kicked the ball dead, kicked it long and simple was impotent in attack and defence and he wasn’t alone but we played like strangers.
Cleary again was terrible and he needs to look closely at himself and what he can offer because he cannot seem to understand the difference between doing nothing and doing too much.

Actually RCG was our best forward last night but again, we have forwards who seem to let other forwards do the hard work…if they hunted as a pack they would beat anyone.

But our problems go much deeper in my opinion…i could handle if we had the best defence and poorest attack but we are terrible in defence and attack.

We have no defensive pattern…just look at their try from the tap in their 20 last night to highlight our bludgers who were just waffling back…we have no set plays or potency in attack indeed most of our tries come from broken play not creative or sweeping backline moves or forwards making line breaks with players either side to pass to.

And to flow on from Goulds mad plan of 5 years Cleary has begin to use the term…we are a development club.

Like what does that even mean???

I bet you the Roosters and Storm don’t call themselves that.

With that mantra by the Club and Coach we will never be a champion club.

The season is gone and we play Roosters next week and one can only imagine what they will do to us in our current form.

Put simply we are pretenders and not worthy of a finals spot and i agree on a point you raised.

Cleary and all of the players should make a public apology to all supporters and sponsors because all i have seen this year are overpaid and over hyped players only interested in themselves.


… if Ivan can’t get the best out of Nathan, who can ?

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well there is the dilemma isn’t it as both are signed to significant longterm deals.
Let me say i think Nathan has the ability but its his focus which needs addressing and whilst from all reports and what we see Ivan has a wonderful son…what we as supporters want to see is the football player in him to emerge and expose the talent i believe he has.

maybe Maloney leaving will allow Ivan to shift the load of playmaker to Nathan

I am sure we all saw how Nathan tried to take control in the second half last night and Maloney to me look like he had a dummy spit and played “dead” but Nathan needs to learn he cannot do it alone
Keep saying it but i wouldn’t let Maloney anywhere near this team now…he has had his run

Play Kenny at 6 if we need to with Egan at 9 but we need to cast off Maloney

To be blunt that would be my starting point…there are a few more who would follow if it was me

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:mega: Man of the Match voting is now open here.


Well to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

I do remember the game where the media highlighted the Panther being booed off the field. I feel if there was a game this season that deserved such a thing that this weeks match against the Cowboys would be the prime candidate.

They just wasn’t there, completely switched off. In a game where they are still in the mix for a finals spot and every competition point counts, they serve us that garbage. Even if we make the finals I would feel a little guilty as we would be keeping out a team who would rather give it a go than us.

Maloney is done. He has nothing left in the bags and they look to be already packed for France. Cleary Jr. tried to take some control in the second half, but it was a bit hard for the kid to do it alone.

The young additions to the squad added some spark, but there are too many errors in their game for first grade. They will take a lot away from their stint in 2019 and will be back better next year.

The positives were few. Whare and To’o worked together well, and both had a good game, Whare’s quick delivery does a good job of drawing a defender and opening a slot for To’o. Yeo didn’t get anywhere enough ball last night, but when he did he put on a individual piece of brilliance that gave me some hope.

But so many negatives to much to mention. So many basic errors, like the Cowboys no try, they all assumed the ball was knicked on and all stopped playing even though a whistle wasn’t blown. With the track record with referees, it was entirely possible it would be called a try. Or almost the entire defensive pak with their backs to the Cowboys on a 20 metre tap allowing Kyle Feldt to run 80 metres untouched t score. This is INEXCUSABLE!

I felt a bit miffed about the Kenny try being disallowed on the grounds of obstruction. It was clear in the replay that RCG would have run through the line if it were not for Cooper knocking RCG off his line and colliding with the defence. It was circumstantial and should have been play on.

But it’s pretty safe to say this season is over. Bar some miracle the cue is in the rack for 2019 as Season 2020 awaits us.


Gotta agree, the halves simply cannot be in the same team. Given NC is our future it’s time to start preparing for it. I don’t think reserve grade is the answer for Maloney he is far too good for that demeaning decision, just let Maloney go now.

What we need is a coach that won’t take any shit. IC is too damn polite to get us out of the shit. If I was in charge the buckets of money would be thrown at Bellamy, move heaven and hell to get him, only then will you see real change. These bludgers that think they can cruise around 1st grade will get a rude shock, most would be ‘ex-players’ before next season.

What a VERY SAD season we have had :frowning::sob::weary:

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Watched the Canterbury Cup game on Nine yesterday, and I was a but worried of what I saw.

The same silly errors, the halves were stick in the opposition’s 20 metre and looked lost (as few instances have Laui literally running in circles), ill-disciplined gave the Bears a tonne of field position and the Bears punished the Panthers. A second half effort had cut the bears lead down and denied them any ball, but once the Bear managed to get the ball back all those problems popped up again.

By the last 10 minutes and the game was just out of reach, the care factor almost dropped to zero. It was almost a replica performance of the first grade side.

I’m starting to be concerned this is more than just a first grade problem and this ‘sickness’ is all the way through the club. Ivan needs to put a end to this now. Otherwise we will be here in September 2020 with the same discussion on how “Season 2020” went so, so wrong.