2021 Panthers Contract Thread

I have a feeling that they might be considering Mitch Kenny for a more permanent role as a Utility in the first grade squad.

There hasn’t been much word on Tyrone May’s contract which is due to expires this year. Keep an eye out for where they play Kenny for the remainder of the season, I have a feeling they might be fleshing this out as an option.


If they re-sign T. May it will be the start of our decline. Quality players will see the writing on the wall with the buddy system…this will NOT be good for the Panthers in any way.


I’ve got a word for Tyrone Mays contract situation … NO !

Tevita Pangai Jnr ⮕ Signed to 2021 (Singed)

I don’t like it - this bloke is a cancer to a team environment if you ask me.

My next statement sums it up - I would rather Matt Eisenhuth in our team before this self indulgent thug…


Agreed, Kev. I liked your sublety.

Apparently Fish will be missing for 3-4 weeks.

Just after last night the club right this off as a joke.

Strange call but obviously limited options in the market, doesn’t have to travel either, just move across the corridor lol.

I do wish we had better options though.

I don’t know what signal this sends to us supporters or indeed to our playing roster with the likes of Lenui,Sorenson et al.

Broncos are in disarray with their coach getting rid of what he sees as a liability, the player in this case is walking out on the Broncos and signed with Bulldogs after apparently being in deep negotiations with Wests and using them to leverage a bigger deal with the dogs…and voila, he lands with us.

What is more galling is, what if we win the whole thing and this bloke rides in on his horse, plays a few games and gets a premiership ring

I am probably Eisenhuth’s harshest critic but i would rather play him then a blow in. I could deal with it if he was signing with us for future years but he is with us for what 8 weeks maybe?
As much as i hate the thought of Burton going to the dogs, the guy has remained solid with Panthers and been one of our best week in and week out and to me shows the character of the kid.

Pangai is abandoning his fellow team mates, and good luck to him securing a big deal with the dogs but why do we have to hand a spot to him on a platter

On a deeper level, does this signal to all of us just how low our reserve stocks are in all positions???

Me, i would rather go through the season and end up where we end up with the squad we have, and if we don’t win the big prize because we ran out of troops, well the Coach should be held to account for that but bringing in a “part time” player sits very uncomfortably with me

I know i can hear it now, what if he scores the winning try in the GF or saves a try to win the GF?..i could equally suggest what if he cost us a try to lose the GF or has some indiscretion which gets him sin binned or sent off in a GF.

The what if’s are all conjecture, i am more troubled by what this means to our playing group, especially those who have been there all year and played in lower grades and came in when and as required.

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I have not sighted anything from the club on this.

Not because of it being Pangai, but this type of scenario I am not keen on. I have been a fan of MLB in USA for many years & one of the things I don’t like about the game there is the late season trades, where teams in contention for the play-offs bring in players from other clubs to improve their team, giving players who had not contributed to them being in contention, a chance for a pennant, or displacing those that got them in that position in the first place.

The broncos seem to be on a kamikaze mission to totally destroy their roster, but I see Pangai as a good player, so could add to our strength. I’m just not sure on the impact on our playing group.

I have been getting the impression that, over recent years, Penrith has been developing a ‘culture’ that does not tolerate grubs. Under that paradigm, Lodge would never have been considered, Hetherington had to go, etc. Pangai simply does not fit. Let us not stoop to the level of the Scumdogs.

I will be soooo PISSED OFF if this is a fail at the end of the season !

Scott Sorensen ⮕ Signed to 2023 (Re-signed)

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I like it - He plays hard and fast

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Quite pleased with this one, he’s certainly been coming along well this year. Still young and gives it his all, a good bench player for sure.

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Just watching the Titans v Storm game and heard The Peach is unsigned for next year……Id have him back at the Panthers at the right price….anyone else agree!

Not for me, as much as I love the way he plays, I think he is passed it. If you could get him for 150k maybe, but that would be a bit of an insult for a bloke who tries so hard and we have so much potential to uncover from our juniors.


I think the Peach’s days are behind him unfortunately. As a bench forward we have other options, and he too slow now for the halves and centre. We have Kenny to cover hooker.

What I do think we need next year is a true halfback - as backup for Cleary. For whatever reason Falls hasn’t worked out, and I shudder to think of May wearing the 7 again.

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… May @ half, please NO :astonished:

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Tyrone May ⮕ Signed to 2022 (Re-signed)