[2021] R10 Titans v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Its not nice calling a player slug …we should all try to be a bit kinder…we are going along extremely well…there is nothing to complain about. Lets go panthers.

??? it’s for you Kevin !!!

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better than typing Eisenhuth each time :upside_down_face:

Note: Ivan Henjak didn’t mind :laughing:

perhaps his nickname was not to do with his running speed, so he didn’t mind it? But I digress.

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You need to be a bloody phenomenal footy player to stand out in our starting 17 at the moment. I admit, Eiso is probably one of our weaker players. However, he’s still consistent and seems to actually be improving each week. We have had worse players!

We did have question marks over team selections last year. Tyrone May > Brent Naden. However that seems to have been sorted now as well with Burton on the left, Crichton on the right.

Every week im just in awe of how incredible this footy team is. They didn’t go out and sign James Tedesco, or a Johnathon Thurston type player. This was built from within. That makes it so much more special!


Dufeyz…I agree with you regarding Eiso he isnt our best player but he is part of a team that is doing extremely well…instead of calling him by a derogatory name how about we concentrate on the positives …of which there are plenty in the current squad.

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I see the PC brigade is in town…Is it ok if I abbreviate his name to Eiso as well?

Hang on, are we just calling him old then?

ease up guys. You’ve had a say now let’s concentrate on the footy. :heart_eyes_cat:

All good Puss, I’m just havin a laugh.

Don’t mean to offend Letsgochamp, I will maintain an accepted level of diplomacy going forward.

You’re 100% correct, the entire team is going extremely well - GO THE PANTHERS

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Im not offended Kevin…I just wish Id had 10 bucks on the ‘old slug’ to score the last try against the sharkies. All good. Go the panthers.

If anyone is watching any of the “magic round” games, you will be seeing some magic indeed.
It should have been called the refs revenge weekend

What was legal or tolerated last week is now off limits with 1 send off, multiple sin bins, too many players on report to mention and penalty counts in the extreme.

And with the carnage i have seen by this, throws any game up in the air as you could have 2 players in the bin or worse still one or more sent off.

Panthers will need to be alert to this and some like Kikau will need to be very careful.

Just on the send offs…Raiders IMO were lucky only to lose 1, Wighton and Hodgson will both cop lengthy stints on the sidelines with Wighton in particular a grub act.

Anyway…Panthers in a tight tussle notwithstanding they don’t have Fifita.

then our later game draw may be advantageous.

only if we learn from it Puss.
That being said, if we do learn from it, we should be able to use this knowledge

Typical of the referees to overreact to their failures in the eels/roosters game by the ridiculous rulings we have seen from them this weekend. It has become a lottery every time there is a tackle made, and still they cant see forward passes & knock-ons!!!

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The trouble with all of these crackdowns is that nearly every other offence is missed. But that has only been happening for the last 40 years…

(Showing my age :slight_smile: )


well well well

Look like the team got the message but Leota didn’t, and the send off of the Titan was justified …note to self why didn’t Cleary use the free interchange?

Without being perfect we are very good, clunky early and at times a little off but there is lot to like especially the Zero

Cleary will want them to go on with this and i know it willl be hard for the players but great teams wipe the floor when the other mob is down to 12 men and down 30 nil

I will be keen to see how we see the scoreboard and how we respond to this challenge

On challenges…our 10 minutes without Leota were masterful and goes to a lot about game management i have spoken about many times.

Now roll on boys.

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


Watching the game now (listened to it on the way home from the basketball this afternoon, so I know the result). I’m going to be watching the penalty against Martin with some interest. I’ve got the impression the ref went back a bit far on that one. Opinions?

EDIT: The radio commentary made the Martin penalty sound worse than it was. Fair call.

‘magic round’ indeed. a lot of players disappearing!!!

Panthers performance was masterful.

‘abra cadabra’ - if you’re a Panther, every round is magic !

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Well this is a truly remarkable ride. 10 from 10 - I toasted to our team last night to celebrate. A comprehensive victory over a team that we should beat, but with the new rules making the game a lottery, I was a bit nervous…
Great across the park with NC a truly special player, but I have to say, we have the best pack in the game. In this team everyone knows their role, there are no egos, and the display of the skills of RL in 2021 is truly remarkable.
I know we have all been here in good times & bad, and the bandwaggon is now starting to fill-up, but hey these guys deserve all the support that Pantherland can muster.

Great time to be a Panther!!!