[2021] R20 Storm v Panthers - Game Day Thread

I am not sure the Facebook keyboard warriors will see it that way.


@Bryan thats almost the post of the year mate!

Little concerned with Eisenhuth playing lock, but all things considered that’s a pretty balanced side.

We just won’t play like a Yeo and Cleary side, but we put in a good effort and hopefully get the win I’ll be happy regardless.

Hopefully Naden learns not to rush up in defense this week. After all Whare left at the end of last year (and at least generally his tackles stuck lol).

We also now know if it’s close to throw the ball to Edwards for a field goal :blush:

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:mega: Team List Updated.

Lindsay Smith and Kurt Falls omitted.

Brisbane in 3 day lockdown from 4pm. What about the footy? Obviously no crowds, but will the games even be able to go ahead?

Is Anastasia back from Japan. Has she been tested ???

tested for Covid-19 or IQ??

all games this weekend are off!!

Still undecided from what I have read, but chance of games today are very slim.

Move all the teams to Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or Darwin?

Regional NSW?

Show Anastasia she has done her dash.

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Vlandys had said all contingencies had been worked through and well its now time to pull the rabbit out of the hat
All eggs were in the “QLD” basket and now with QLD going into a 3 day lockdown, one can only wonder what if it is like us and goes for 5 weeks?

The bigger issue is how do you get all of the squads out of QLD if indeed that is what they do…and more broadly how do you fit these games into a calendar where the GF is set in concrete, and how about broadcast partners and what does this trigger financially for the NRL.

I’ve heard a rumour our game will be played in Mackay. Guess we will wait & see.

I say just cancel the rest of the games for the week. Give each team left to play a point and move on.

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Fox sports suggesting our game is moving to Townsville

All rumour and speculation, the NRL haven’t announced anything.

Official now - all Saturday games are postponed

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… UNTIL? …

look, if I was a player locked down in a room, unable to open the balcony door, not knowing when I’ll be called upon to play or relocate,dragging the family from one end of the country to the other, I’d walk.

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Match is officially postponed due to 3 day COVID lockdown in QLD. NRL still in talks with QLD Government about rescheduled date and time.

Perhaps this is good for us. NC may be available along with others.

its not so much what happens this weekend,the real question is what do they do to move this forward.

I would like to know what rules in the NRL are there to cover failure to hold/complete a game especially given three games have already been played.

Not so sure there is much upside for us with injuries etc, giving Cleary a chance to return. On balance it may help but will also help other clubs as equally who have injuries.

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I’m sort of happy…I hated the fact that she was the owner of our game.

I noticed a massive crowd at the Dubbo Dishies tonight…are we allowed in the bush?

Tassy is free of covid…No-one goes there, why don’t we give that joint a go :rofl:

I miss the footy already !

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Our game has been rescheduled for 4pm Sunday!!!

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