2022 Panthers Contract Thread

NRL Squad (30 Player Roster)

Player 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 Link Signed 22’
Eddie Blacker CO :external:
Nathan Cleary 2022 2023 2024 :external:
Stephen Crichton 2022 2023 :external:
Dylan Edwards 2022 :external:
Matt Eisenhuth 2022 :external:
Kurt Falls 2022 :external:
James Fisher-Harris 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 :external:
Robert Jennings 2022 :external:
J’maine Hopgood CO :external:
Mitch Kenny 2022 :external:
Viliame Kikau 2022 :external:
Apisai Koroisau 2022 :external:
Spencer Leniu 2022 2023 :external:
Moses Leota 2022 2023 2024 :external:
Jarome Luai 2022 2023 2024 :external:
Liam Martin 2022 2023 :external:
Tylan May 2022 :external:
Tyrone May 2022 :external:
Lindsay Smith 2022 :external:
Jaeman Salmon ? :external:
Scott Sorensen 2022 2023 :external:
Charlie Staines 2022 2023 :external:
Izack Tago 2022 2023 :external:
Brian To’o 2022 2023 :external:
Isaah Yeo 2022 2023 2024 :external:

(CO) Club Option

NRL Development Squad

Player 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 Link Signed 21’
Sunia Turuva ? :external:
Thomas Jenkins 2022 2023* :external:
Mavrik Geyer 2022 2023 :external:

* Promoted to Top 30

Coaching Staff

Player Role 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 Link
Ivan Cleary Head Coach (NRL) 2022 2023
Andrew Webster Assistant Coach (NRL) 2022
Cameron Ciraldo Assistant Coach (NRL) 2022
Peter Wallace Head Coach (NSW Cup) 2022

Player Movements

Player Movement Club To/From Contract Expires Source
Kurt Capewell :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Brisbane Broncos 2024 :external:
Brent Naden :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Canterbury Bulldogs 2024 :external:
Matt Burton :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Canterbury Bulldogs 2025 :external:
Paul Momirovski :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Sydney Roosters 2025 :external:

Last Updated: 21/10/2021

Of the players signed for 22 only, i put my priority in Edwards.

Api - depends on how much others willing to pay.

Kenny - depends on what happens with Api. He’s probably willing to stay for unders at any case.

Kikau - if he wants 850+ let him walk to the Cowboys, Dragons, Dolphins etc, he’s not worth more than Martin and Sorensen.

Momo - happy to retain, but think he’ll get a stupid offer from another club.

Smith and Hopgood- retain, they look to be good in a couple of years

The rest - thanks, close the door on your way out

I thought Kikau already signed for unders?

Apparently the Tigers rejected Api for 2023, that’s a worry !

According to the SMH, Panthers have offered Momo the opportunity to look elsewhere for 2022.

As expected, other clubs are throwing big dollars his way - we got him on the cheap

I must say the thought of a Staines, Crichton, Tago, To’o backline has me excited, especially if Staines bulks up in the off season

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Momirovski going to Roosters for 3 years.

Paul Momirovski ⮕ Sydney Roosters (2025)

not my ideal centre but he did a job and didn’t let anyone down.
Now leaves our club as a premiership winner and at least deserves my thanks and best wishes.

Also like to take the opportunity to thank Capewell, Naden, Burton for a job well done and my best wishes for the future.

Your combined efforts helped us get where we are today … number 1.


Some parallels with Paul Whatuira.


Just fascinating. So often a player is forced out of a club because of salary cap limitations, or a marquee player is suddenly available, and they turn up at the Easts Rorters. More proof that the most valuable person at a NRL club is the chief accountant.

or Canterbury Faulco !

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what a shame but understand any player has to get the most he can in the window of opportunity they have.

Its more of a shame with the May matter not being resolved
Oh well He has a premiership ring and wish him well in his future, hope he remains injury free and earns plenty.

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