2022 Panthers Contract Thread

welcome back Sean. Hope all goes well for you @ Panthers 2022 !

Glad we have got a back up half for SOO next year, and I never get to see May wearing number 7 for us again

Also, does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumour that API will be released from his last year of contract to play elsewhere (Brisbane I think?)

From what I’ve heard we are going to be keeping Api

if big money is thrown at Kikau let him go. We desperately need a classy centre IMO !

Kikau has signed with the dogs from 2023;

Gould again shows he has no class or scruples. And Barrett again shows he is a piece of shite. Maybe they didn’t intend for the photo to surface (yet), but they got dressed in the gear to take the photo.
Billy, I accept that you want to make as much money as you can, or at least your agent wants to make the biggest commission he can, but you’ve sold your soul to a club that is a nest of vipers.


I agree with the ‘scruples’ comment and Trent Barrett’s description.
But you know what, I won’t miss Kikau. Yeah sure a big unit but he lacks finesse, distribution and team work. Yeah sure a big unit, but he tackles crudely, crowds the centre and lacks a ‘Beetson’ offload for a big unit. Did I mention he was a big unit? Oh and for mine he lacks aggression. Play him at prop see how he fares ?

Which is why they are also known as the ‘Scumdogs’. You could write a book about that club’s tawdry history.

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I’m not too fussed about losing Kiks in 2023. The focus this year is giving J’maine Hopgood and Mavrik Geyer some game time and get them so much needed First Grade experience. These kids got the goods, they will slot into that squad with ease.


Agree completely Steve, and as I have said before, I would rather have both Martin and Sorensen than a single player like Kikau, considering how much coin he and hi manager were seeking.

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To be honest, I’m more worried about losing Capewell than Kikau. Capewell puts in a better effort week in week out than Kikau, and has a bigger skill set.


100% Mutley, no big deal losing Kiks.

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11 Scott Sorensen
12 Liam Martin

16 Mavrik Geyer
17 J’Maine Hopgood


Plenty to be said about the Kikau defection.
The first thing to highlight is Burton has shown the “model” for how a departing player not only conducts themselves but more importantly how they contribute to the playing group.

On that, its hard to forecast just how Kikau will go in either but i would hope he can meet the Burton “gold” standard and that will fall on both Kikau and IC

On Kikau and him moving on, i have 2 thoughts and nagging away with me has been a few points, his injuries, his giving away of penalties, his lateral defence flaws and his playing minutes in a game,

You balance this with his ability to big a big threat in attack and a magnet for defence which can create a chance inside and outside his body

A further point of conjecture with his planned departure, we are left to speculate could we have kept Capewell or even Burton with the money he frees up, but again that would be idle speculation.

More broadly on the leaked photo of him in Buldogs gear is in my mind a big FU to Panthers and takes a shine off the kid. I have no issue with any player chasing monster money in a limited career window but there are ways to do it which are classy, as i mentioned like Burton or classless ways like Kikau

Perhaps a greater question is why not let him go now and free up even more cash and remove what could be a destabilising influence in the playing roster?

Its hard to process why we have lost so many and even harder to think why so many are going to Bulldogs and Barrett who in my mind is a useless coach. He clearly can build rapport with players but i sense more as a mate than as a coach. That being said Bulldogs have assembled or are assembling a pretty formidable roster, but Barrett had a good roster at Manly and we know what happened there and at the Bulldogs he has a Boss who will not hesitate to throw the coach under a bus in Gould…good luck with that Trent

With all that being said, it has opened the doors for some young guns to put their hands up and display their talent.

We still have a great core group and Storm showed for many years they remained so consistent and competitive with a core of 3…we at least have a larger core.


I was discussing this with a mate yesterday. We are both of the opinion that if we can secure Tariq Sims over the summer, we should let Kikau go now, on the condition that Bulldogs pick up his contract immediately (and possibly pay us a little compensation on top :rofl::rofl::rofl:).

I agree that he has handled it terribly, and all departing players should look to how Burton handled the situation.


SMH reporting Chris Smith signed on a one year deal.

2nd rower, apparently debuted with us in 2015, can’t say I know much about him.

Chris Smith joined our juniors from Darwin. Tough kid, but never really kicked on with us, only played 1 game. Played 2 for Roosters & 30 for Bulldogs. Not a great strike rate for 7 years!!!

Chris Smith ⮕ Signed to 2022

Looks good, as long as Geyer can control his aggression (its in the genes).

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