2022 Panthers Contract Thread

Christian Crichton ⮕ Train and Trial Arrangement 2022

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Could possibly replace Talan May in the top 30?

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Apisai Koroisau ⮕ West Tigers (2025)

No great surprise, but a little disappointing all the same.

I expect Kenny will get a contract extension any day now

I’m not too fussed about it to be honest. Api will be in his 30’s and he was looking to get as big of a payday for what might be his last contract.

It time for a new young hooker to fill in the role. I imagine Kenny will be ear marked for that role, IC has had him in and around the team for some time now, and now looks to be the time to put in the transition.

Not to mention the money this will free up in 2023 as well. I imagine the Panthers will be signing down all the players that need extensions now.

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Having given this some thought, I’m in agreement.

We should now go “all in” with Kenny and give him a 2-3 year deal.

He has come along leaps and bounds, is still young, yet has finals experience as well as bending in a premiership winning squad.

Lest we forget the experience that led to Kenny getting his first grade start - the on again, off again development of Katoa, culminating in the competition with Egan. If we are to maintain our success over the coming years, I certainly don’t won’t to revisit that.

The other good news is with Kikau and now Api freeing up the salary cap, we should be locking in Edwards with a 3 year contract.

The I midi ate question now is if we give Api an early release. I’m not in favor, however this is the rumor that’s been circulating since the grand final. The other rumor is that Taylan May won’t be with us in 2022.

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As a person, not a player, Koroisau went right down in my estimation when he broke quarantine & brought a woman into camp during SOO, and compounded it with his reluctance to get vaccinated. He’s a good player, but I won’t be sorry to see the back of him - for mine, he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Kenny, by contrast, has done everything asked of him & has a reputation of being a team player & hard worker. He’s earned a shot at some security. I hope he gets an extension.

Now, as SHP said, let’s get Edwards locked up for a couple of years.


it would be good to see Edwards and Kenny locked up after the Api announcement.

Kenny deserves a shot at making the #9 his own.


Joe Guluvao has returned to the Panthers as the ‘Wellbeing and Education Coordinator’ for the Pathway Teams (Harold Matthews, SG Ball, Tarsha Gale Cup) joining other Wellbeing & Education Coordinators Shane Elford and Kevin Kingston.


Preston Riki ⮕ Signed to 2022 (NRL Development Squad)

Brendan Hands ⮕ Parramatta Eels (2022)

Can’t find an article source for this one, but I know for a fact he is currently training with the Eels, and there is mention of his departure in the transfers section of the article attached. Brendan Hands had a Contract Option at Penrith in the clubs favour, it seems they have decided not to take it up.

Mitch Kenny extends till 2024;

Great news in my book, has been coming along in leaps and bounds, 100% commitment, and locks in our replacement for Api.


Mitch Kenny ⮕ Signed to 2024

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Great news. Well deserved.

Christian Crichton ⮕ Signed to 2022

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Good depth signing and former Panther

Guess he replaces Hands in the top 30, but no formal announcement has been made?

Dylan Edwards ⮕ Signed to 2024


NRL 2022: Ivan Cleary ponders coaching exit when he no longer works with star son Nathan (smh.com.au)


Soni Luke ⮕ Signed to 2023

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