2022 Panthers Contract Thread

I am not too happy to read this one;

Charlie to West Tigers
We sign an old Peach

A 31 yr old utility , who’s he mentoring ???

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You can blame this one on poor salary cap management. The Panthers pulled the trigger early on Staines after his impressive debut and beat other clubs to the punch and offered him a monster $500,000 contract… then he got injured and Tyrone May was slotted in the first grade slot. After his return he remained parked in reserve grade.

Tyrone Peachey on the other hand is on a $300,000 (Increasing to $350,000 in 2023). To my understanding this is a straight contract swap, so the Tigers assume Charlies $550k contract and we assume Tyrones $350k contract, returning $150k to the cap. Which we need to ensure we keep some big names off-contract like To’o, Crichton and Martin.

Tyrone was so eager to come back to Penrith that he “reportedly requested a special exemption to reduce his salary” with NRL rules stating players are unable to switch clubs for a lower figure during the length of their deal.

It’s sad to see Charlie go. He clearly has the talent to be playing in first grade. He showed in the Grand Final that he can match it with the best, sadly he is victim of the poor management of the salary cap and the trigger happy recruitment managers who signed off on such an absurd deal. I wish Charlie the best at the Tigers, he really deserves a starting spot.

Tyrone Peachey I feel will find his way back at the Panthers. He left the Panthers at the end of the Griffin Era and he performed well in Cleary’s first tenure at the club. I feel once he gets back into the “Coach Cleary System” he will deliver. Being at the Tigers was draining on him… and I feel being back in a positive winning culture will do his morale good.


WOW - Did not know Staines was on that kind of coin :astonished:

Given this info, I am alot happier than originally thought. I see Peach around the riff all the time so he must still live here.

There was a lot of interest form other clubs when Staines debuted. He was the future prospect on the wing and the Panthers wanted to be in the driver seat. To say they overpaid may be bit of an overstatement.

Charlie had a couple of outstanding games when he first came into the NRL team and the club offered him big pay to stay as other clubs were sniffing around. In hindsight, in my opinion at least, it was a rushed decision to up his contract on the back of a couple of good try scoring performances. Since then hes been largely disappointing and I guess the club realised that as he spent the majority of 2022 season in NSW Cup only to be recalled to finals team because of injury. Hope he goes well in the future… never have any hard feelings over ex players (except Luke Lewis never forgive him) so all the best Charlie thanks for your time at the best club in the country and welcome home ‘the Peach’.

Seems the ‘Peach’ could spend some game time as backup to Kenny. Interesting ! :thinking:

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