[2022] PF Panthers v Rabbitohs - Game Day Thread

PF Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs|100%

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs
:stadium: Venue Accor Stadium, Homebush NSW
:clock10: Time Saturday 24th September 2022 7:50pm
:tickets: Tickets Tickets via Ticketek
:rugby_football: Other Matches NSWCUP GF Penrith Panthers v Canterbury Bulldogs 25/9 3:00pm1
JFLEGG GF Newcastle Knights v Penrith Panthers 25/9 1:00pm1
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :cloud_with_rain: Showers 16°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: 54% / :wind_face: Wind: SW 13km/h
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Channel Nine (FTA) [LIVE]
:tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
:desktop_computer: NRL Live Pass [LIVE]
:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

1. NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg Grand Finals to be played Saturday 25/9 at Commbank Stadium, Parramatta NSW

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership Preliminary Final | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 32 Tries Apisai Koroisau, Brian To’o, Spencer Leniu, Izack Tago, Nathan Cleary.
Goals Nathan Cleary (6/6)
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12 Tries Cody Walker, Richard Kennar
Goals Latrell Mitchell (2/2)

:rugby_football: Knock on Effect NSW Cup Grand Final | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 29 Tries Sunia Turuva (2), Kurt Falls, Jack Cole, Soni Luke.
Goals Kurt Falls (4/5) FG Sean O’Sullivan (1)
Canterbury Bulldogs 22 Tries Jayden Okunbor (2), Declan Casey, Jackson Topine.
Goals Brandon Wakeham (3/4)

:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup Grand Final | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 19 Tries Daeon Amituanai, Mavrik Geyer, Samuel Lane.
Goals Niwhai Puru (3/3) FG Isaiya Katoa (1)
Newcastle Knights 18 Tries Thomas Cant, Fletcher Sharpe, Kurt Donoghoe.
Goals Thomas Cant (3/3)

Postgame Media








Telstra Premiership Knock On Effect NSW Cup NSW Jersey Flegg
Preliminary Final Grand Final Grand Final
:rugby_football: Panthers v Rabbitohs :rugby_football: Panthers v Bulldogs :rugby_football: Knights v Panthers
:clock3: Saturday 24/9 7:50pm :clock3: Sunday 25/9 3:00pm :clock3: Sunday 25/9 1:00pm
:stadium: Accor Stadium :stadium: Commbank Stadium :stadium: Commbank Stadium
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Isaiah Iongi 1. Liam Ison
2. Charlie Staines 2. Christian Crichton 2. Cody Lawson
3. Izack Tago 3. Robert Jennings 3. Sam Lane
4. Stephen Crichton 4. Jack Cole 4. William Fakatoumafi
5. Brian To’o 5. Sunia Turuva 5. Daeon Amituanai
6. Jarome Luai 6. Kurt Falls 6. Niwhai Puru
7. Nathan Cleary © 7. Sean O’Sullivan 7. Isaiya Katoa
8. Moses Leota 8. Lindsay Smith 8. Mavrik Geyer
9. Apisai Koroisau 9. Soni Luke 9. Ryley Smith
10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Matt Eisenhuth 10. Brad Fearnley
11. Viliame Kikau 11. Preston Riki 11. Ativalu Lisati
12. Liam Martin 12. Chris Smith 12. Sunita Lotoaniu
13. Isaah Yeo © 13. J’Maine Hopgood © 13. Hohepa Puru
14. Mitch Kenny 14. John Faiumu 14. Billy Scott
15. Scott Sorensen 15. Eddie Blacker 15. Ilai Tuia
16. Spencer Leniu 16. Liam Henry 16. John Sagaga
17. Jaeman Salmon 17. Alec Susino 17. Aston Warwick
18. Sean O’Sullivan 18. Luke Sommerton 18. Keagan Russell-Smith
19. Matt Eisenhuth 19. Jack Garrod
20. J’Maine Hopgood 20. Mason Teague
21. Sunia Turuva 21. Tyreece Tonga
22. Chris Smith
HC Ivan Cleary HC Peter Wallace HC Jono Rolfe
AC Andrew Webster AC Kevin Kingston
AC Cameron Ciraldo

  :small_orange_diamond: Positional Change       :small_red_triangle: Moved into squad       :small_red_triangle_down: Moved out of Squad       Injury or Medical Related

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership K.O.E NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
Referee Ashley Klein Darian Furner Keiren Irons
Sideline Official Phil Henderson Liam Nicholls Patrick Mackey
Drew Oultram Nick Beashel Cameron Mitchell
Video Referee Gerard Sutton - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2022 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Ashley Klein 2009 (4/4) 100% (18/43) 41.86% 177.5 174 1.02


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You will need to obtain you AAN to be able to purchase tickets (8 per membership). To find you AAN use the search page here. Provide your Last Name, Your Member Number (located on your season ticket) and the Club the Ticket is from (Panthers).


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General Public Tuesday 20th September 10am



Much better experience with getting tickets this week - less than 10mins. Even then, after logging in just before 10am, when the bookings opened, the Cat 1 Panthers tickets {Bay 109} showed as insufficient to get our 2 seats?? I pushed proceed anyway (couldn’t see any other option) & got 2 tickets in 108-1 Row 15, so close to halfway!!
I see that the tickets include train travel, so I think that’s how i will get there, rather than getting stuck in traffic - there is an event at Qudos also on Sat night.
Go the Panthers!!!


:mega: Team Lists and Match Officials have been updated.




I’m not really one for omens but…

Since my father died, my brother has visited every time we’ve played Souths except one - when they beat us in the first week of the finals last year.

Guess who’s visiting this weekend!!!


Saw this segment of a post on Facebook, not sure what the full post was. Agree with the sentiments though.


this game will be intense and we will have no excuses.
we have had a break to freshen up and Souths have had one almighty tough game plus a much easier win last week, which oddly enough in my opinion may not work in their favour.
if they had of had another rigorous clash like the Roosters game and come through that, would have been a much harder opponent.
not saying they won’t be and i expect Staines to be tested heavily…Souths will view him as the weak point and hope those inside him may think the same and make mistakes in defence.

easiest way to overcome this is to dominate them in offense and have them making mistakes and second guessing each other.

will be a very tough game, shame about the weather again not only for the players but also for thee crowds.

I expect us to win, don’t care if its by a single point but more importantly hope the game is decided by the players and not by the bunker and or ref.

we will need to remove that risk by a strong win.

They have plenty of point scoring in them if they get on a roll, our forwards will need to dominate and suffocate them defensively which will allow Cleary et all to cut them open.

Cannot wait…Panthers to win


After the Rabbits won last week, i started feeling nervous. Then i had to start dealing with people telling me all week how the rabbitohs will definitely win. Same thing happened with Parra and for some reason it makes me feel more confident. Now i think about their front row injuries / suspensions. I can see Api and fish having an absolute field day with the Bunnies bench up the middle. Both in attack and defence.


I’m fairly confident of a win this week. As I pointed out in another thread, when we beat them a few weeks ago we were missing Cleary, Luai & Fisher-Harris. The fact that we were able to beat them missing those players has got to be playing on their minds going into this game, sowing seeds of doubt.

In saying that they still have a very strong side. Dare I say it, probably the second best in the competition. They definitely can’t be taken lightly in any circumstances. Mitchell & Walker are the main danger men, with a number of others who can chime in cause problems. Where they do look vulnerable is in their front row rotation, with Burgess & Havili missing. With Johnston under an injury cloud too, one of the main strike weapons could be out, or if he does play, asking to be tested from the get go.

For us, apart from the May injury we should be at full strength. Staines has his detractors, and no doubt he will be put under pressure, but I think we have the team to work around it. If it does present too much of a problem, it might be worth switching Chricton to the wing, and bringing Salmon into the centres, although I doubt this will be necessary. We have been good at containing Mitchell since he moved to Souths (he hasn’t beaten us in a Souths jersey), and I imagine the tactics that have worked in recent years will be employed again.

The score I’ve had in my head all day is 22-8. Realistically I’m expecting it to be a lot closer, but I’m putting it on just in case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Johnston out. Kennar taking his place.

Arrow still under injury cloud, but expected to play.

Staines will be switched positionally for To’o to sure up the defence on each edge and allow Charlie to play on his preferred side. When Charlie is put on his preferred side he puts in a strong showing.

If you need proof of it, see the absolute field day he had last week in the NSW Cup Preliminary Final, he really troubled the Jets defence, and turned them inside out a quite a few times.

I agree Souths will try to test Charlie out very early in the game, and will come to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t the best strategy.


I find the Staines situation perplexing. When he first came to the media’s attention, it was for his apparent great speed (Forbes Ferrari). Against Melbourne, Munster put a kick deep into our territory for Addo-Carr to chase, but Staines outpaced him. That was proof. We’ve had some good wingers over the years, but I don’t ever recall a real speedster (ignoring James Roberts’ brief stint) until now. So, apart from being a flier, he didn’t seem to offer much; he sure seemed to give up on chasing far too easily. In one NRL game he couldn’t even run down West’s hooker (Liddel?) over about 70 metres; gave up on the chase.

But, this year, I think he has shown far greater ticker, more skills and more intensity. This should have made him the complete package. But then, in a recent game against The Jets, he made a clean break and it was a case of shut-the-gate. Not so. From nowhere, the Jets five eight ran him down with ease. So what’s the story? Was he injured? Is his speed over-rated?

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I reckon it’s fitness Pete. Fullback is one of the most stamina-demanding positions in the game. That day against the sharks was absolute flogging. He was literally just there to put the ball down on the line.


I went up to Townsville a few weeks again and watched him very closely in that game he wasnt too bad under the high ball but his defence was ordinary and his effort and lack of urgency a worry. Hopefully he will be better on the wing and given a bit of spacce lets hope he can show the speed and finish he showed in his first few NRL games. Lets go Panthers

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i had remarked i hope the ref, bunker or both don’t cost us the game

omg my concerns were highlighted by last nights debacle

how any of the on field officials missed the forward pass from Moses and the continued forward passes from Mahoney is beyond me and to add even more what about the spear tackle from Paulo, let alone no sin bin but not even on report

Cleary got sent off and coped 5 weeks
That was all in the single game…terrible decisions and not saying it cost the Cowboys but it didn’t help.

Just on that game Cowboys had too many chances and should have won going away…Eels hung in there and doubt the 2 soft tries by Gillard would be allowed by us.

Anyways…sets it all up for a huge game tonight


That spear tackle last night was worse than Cleary’s - and included an elbow to the head as well.

Cowboys were robbed with that blatant forward pass try, not to mention all the missed forward passes from dummy half as well.

Anyhow, I have to get the Eels out of my head - we have a game to win against Souths.

I am nervous, but quietly confident all the same.

Hope we start with Kenny again for the first 30 mins.

I could wings all day about ticketek, got some
Ordinary seats high at the Northern end with the members presale on Monday (nothing else available), now they have half way seats for sale. I am so over their stupid drip feeding of seating, it treats members with contempt.

Anyhow, pumped for the game, and hoping for a good result - Penrith 23 - Souths 12


Hoping to see a good game of footy.
Alas there’s a referee and bunker to contend with.
I have little confidence in our modern day officials.
Panthers to win handsomely. It’s time we exposed our ‘true grit’
after the Preliminary Holiday. Best Wishes Panthers !


Kenny starting, Koroisau bench, other than that 1-17

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I think I ended up with the worst seats in the house, back row Southern end, right in front of that blinding big screen :rage: