[2022] R1 Panthers v Sea Eagles - Game Day Thread

Late Change

Matt Eisenhuth out, Jaeman Salmon in.

A shame to see them switch off in the final seconds of the half.

The good news is they were the only seconds that they clocked off. Great second half.

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Happy with the effort & result. The defence & urgency that has taken us to the last 2 Grand Finals was on display again, and will be the cornerstone of our premiership defence.

I think we have put to bed any suggestion that we can’t win without Cleary. We played a top team, and left them in our wake.

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My god… the bloody PA. Pleeeeaaase turn the PA down. My ears are still ringing.

Also MOTM will be up in the next hour.


:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

spot on Mutley,

Great start to the season with a very good team performance and an exquisite crowd backup. What rain ? Moments like these help you forget the lousy weather and damage ramifications. And well done to Cleary deputy Sullivan. Panther Pride the place to be in season 2022.


Quite a bit to unpack from that game.
I honesty thought we may be a little underdone going into last nights game but was more then surprised by the result.
I had reservations about Sullivan but he went pretty good except for his blunder which led to the Manly try and hopefully he learns a lot from that.

JFH and Yeo proved beyond any doubt they are the 2 best forwards in the game by a long way but gees Martin is growing in stature and is such an integral part of the team now.

Kikau had a great game but he wasn’t alone with many playing at such a high level it was a joy to watch. Surpising but a joy and credit must go to the entire coaching squad who got this side ready and up for what will be long season but one take away was how we were so physically dominant…and Manly looked the opposite although they were doing more defence but that only happens when you dominate the other mob and we certainly dominated them.

On the other side Manly have some monster issues and cannot see them causing any troubles to many this year. Cherry Evans and Tommy Turbo were made to look like reserve graders and TT has some real issues in defence.

A fabulous win considering we still have NC to come back into the side.

Hope our recovery is good and no injuries from last night.


Kikau was my surprise packet, in the past he has been a 20 minute specialist, last night he was still going strong 5 before half time…Fingers crossed he has been fixed between the ears.


Don’t they realise that when we go to the games (after not being able to go for a long time), one of the factors is that we want to be able to talk with each other & discuss the game - you can’t even hear yourself think!
Last night I had to tell one of the guys that sits in our row of the passing of my mate that we lost in Jan. He could barely hear me.


Couldn’t go to the game this week, as we’ve all been isolating at home with the rona. Would have loved to be there!

In the build up most ‘experts’ tipped Manly to win, and i believe they were also favourites to win. What a team we have on our hands aye? Cleary out, SOS steps up and basically play and kicks as good as Cleary did in the GF last year. The poor Manly forwards were gassed by 10 minutes.

Pre game, the talk was how Manly’s players had played two trials matches, and should be match fit for this game.

Also, the same ‘experts’ tipping an Eels premiership success based of trial form. It may well happen, but i think it’s very clear Penrith did not take that trial too seriously.

Looking forward to another spectacular year of footy!


Apart from the last play, that was a walk in the park. I was hopeful rather than confident before the game.
Oh me of little faith. :grinning:

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Just watched the fox replay, Kikau was awesome in the 1st half, Yeo was awesome in the 2nd half and everyone else was brilliant.

Any news on my man Moses “The Motor” Leota injury? hopefully it was just a burner at the end of the game, but that defensive miss through injury didn’t look good :woozy_face:

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Looked to be a AC dislocation @Kevin. But might not be as bad as it seems.

Kev, Kikau was good last night but to my mind he can be guilty of cramping the outside backs. To’o and Tiago looked promising and I wonder, with better ball would they shine brighter? This argument is mute should Kikau maintain his good form.

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Watching the replay this morning and have to say Fox League has had a big step backwards in its graphic style.

Last year the on screen graphics was perfect, sleek, non-obtrusive, clear to read and added to the matches without being a pain to see.

This year, they have gone off the deep end. Its large and hard to read, and is highly distracting. every time I am watching the game there is this smudge on the top corner of my TV that is distracting as hell. Because they use circles for the graphics the whole space has the be the diameter of those circles, they can’t make the circles smaller cause then the logos won’t be clear enough. It’s horrible.

Fox League need to go back to the 2021 style of graphics.

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Absolutely. This is the place to go for intelligent and fair analysis.


Totally agree. The graphics are dreadful.

Well that certainly made everyone take notice! Best player for Manly had a yellow shirt on.

First round, it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive display, against a team all the experts have as Top 4 contenders.
Every week we will have to face opposition out to beat the premiers, but if we can play like that, and with one of the elite players in the game not there, we are gonna be tough to beat. The lesser teams who will be lucky to win 5 games will be out to make us 1 of them, but it ain’t gonna happen if we play like that.
We pretty well had 16 of our full strength 17 last night. Only the final bench spot (Salmon last night) is open - of course NC will come back in. We will have injuries, suspensions and reps but it’s looking good.
We monstered them in defence & run them off their feet in attack.
Their better players (DCE & Turbo) did their best for Manly (I never saw DCE run so many times in a game and make almost no ground) but they were outplayed.
Proud to be a Panther.