[2022] R3 Panthers v Knights - Game Day Thread

That shot by Mitch Barnett would have to be one of the dumbest, most idiotic, dangerous thing I have seen on the field in some time.

The book is going to be thrown on him, he will be getting a long stint on the sidelines.


The only comparison that came to mine was Lelua’s shot on Edwards a few years ago

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dumb and ugly but it was a win.

nothing to take out of this game by us at all…except if we played like this against Souths they would spank us.

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nothing to write home about. Hard to assess an effort against 12 men.

But a wins a win and I’m grateful. On we go !!!

Ok well, I will have a go at the take aways;

For mine, 3 of our grand final players got shown up by the young guys with lazy defense; Kikau, Critta and Luai.

Charley seems to really have lifted his game.

Our forwards did the job that was asked for them.

Yeo is currently the best halfback in the comp, and should be leading the Dally M count.

Edwards was a beast at the back in both defense and attack.

Tago is something special.

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

agree, Yeo awesome. Edwards, super reliable. And Tago, is special.


Had to feel a bit for the Knights today. I thought they played pretty well today, even though our starting forward pack was out as well as our halfback.

They played the conditions and the team in front of them, kept our backs busy and made us turn the ball out a lot from our 20m zone.

Then Mitch Barnett pretty much sealed the teams fate just before half time. It was going to be uphill battle for them, even though it seemed we had ‘clocked off’ a little in defence that second half, I didn’t think the result was in question.

Would the Knights have won if the matchup was 13 v 13? Maybe… Maybe not, but we will never know.

Barnett was a clear dog with that cheap shot. He will be missing a lot of football in his future.

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And I haven’t been particularly impressed with Eisenhuth for a long time, but I thought that today he played a solid, honest game.


With no Fish or Moses we needed him to Falco.

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The attacking combination of Tago and May was brilliant. I wouldn’t be surprised to see To’o moved back to the right wing to Partner with Crichton at some stage.

They still have a bit to work on in defence, but they could have had 7 tries between them yesterday.


I was not too sure about this game in the leadup, and was hoping we could get a win with an understrength lineup.
The boys all gave it their best & got a good win in the end. Yeo & Edwards held the inexperienced team together and we got the job done, despite a few defensive lapses & again too many errors.
My biggest concern is with the officiating. At full strength we can mostly overcome the vagaries/inconsistencies of the officials, but with players missing it becomes a lot harder.
I hope that dope ‘doctor’ in the bunker is not a ‘telehealth’ doctor as there will be a few deaths from his work.
Bank the 2 points and move ahead.

The Knock On Effect NSW Cup match Penrith Panthers v Newcastle Knights at 2:40pm today will be broadcast live on NSWRL Live Facebook.

UPDATE: Kickoff has been pushed back to 3:15pm


2 weeks for a blatant elbow is ridiculous. BTW how is our man ?

i don’t think this is correct

Barnett has been referred directly to the Judiciary to make his case in front of them.

He hasn’t been charged so there are no guidelines as such, the penalty imposed is to be determined by the judiciary

I suspect he will get a minimum of 6 weeks and could see as much as 8

I believe Smith is ok and hope he is, he was going ok and Barnetts hit was as cheap as you get .

The NRL have 2 imperatives at play in reviewing his case.

1…was the incident itself and its been such a long time we have seen a cheap shot, last precedent would be Mitchell on Manu last year

2…the NRL have been going out of their way to stamp out foul play where it impacts a players head
Largely to reduce litigation opportunities in the years ahead.

Without raising the bias issue in regards to Mitchell, i feel Barnett maybe the sacrificial lamb so to speak in being the poster boy for the NRL in this is what you will get if you do this.

Mind you he deserves a long stint IMO and wouldn’t surprise me if he got 10 to 12 weeks

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup| Full Time

Penrith Panthers 40 Tries Matt Stimson (2), Thomas Jenkins (2) Robert Jennings (2), Sunia Turuva.
Goals Kurt Falls (6/7)
Newcastle Knights 10 Tries Pasami Saulo, Jirah Momoisea.
Goals Dylan Phythian (1/2)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 6 Tries Braith Alexander.
Goals William Fakatoumafi (1/1)
Newcastle Knights 24 Tries Cooper Jenkins (2), Kodi Crowther, James Johnson.
Goals Max Buderus (4/5)


Did anybody see the clown Kent attempting to defend Barnett tonight?

I didn’t and can’t believe anyone could defend him

According to Kent it was an accident. All the other panel members just laughed at him, as he deserved.

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I reckon it’s an accident to read Paul Kent. :roll_eyes:

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