[2023] R11 Panthers v Roosters - Game Day Thread

Easily the best we have played all year. Luai starting to look like his old self again. Looks like Sorensen has nailed down the left second row spot.


Surely Edwards gets a look in as blues fullback this year.


:mega: Panther Pride man of the Match voting is now open here.

Just finished eating my humble pie. Luai was outstanding and Peachey turned the clock back.
First half we were pretty much faultless, second half not quite as good but not bad.


The Peach played well obviously he’s past his very best but held his own probs best off bench as utility though


If Roosters don’t lift dramatically for their next game, I will say their season is finishe and they will be looking at a rebuild (coach included)

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It’s the performance we all knew they were capable of, and we were desperately waiting to happen. As Nathan Cleary said in a post game interview “we felt we were not far off our best” and sadly for the Roosters the flood gates opened and they got swept away.

It was very telling how the spark offered by Luai had been missing in the start of the season. Luai was on song last night and he made that Roosters right edge defence pay for it, again, and again, and again. Kikau may have moved on from the foot of the mountains, but we may have found a more than capable replacement in Sorensen. His combination with Luai was lethal and sharpened that whole left side attack. Sorensen with a double, Peachey with a double, Turuva and Luai with tries, they couldn’t be stopped. 24 points just up the left edge just went to show how Luai was clearly the MVP out there last night.

I don’t think anybody really had a poor game. Cleary had a few weird choices on the 5th tackle and there was a bit more lateral movement in attack than you want to see, but this performance will be a real shot in the arm for the team. Hopefully this will result in a strong middle third of the season.

Not to take the gloss off the win, but how bad were the Chooks? 68% completion rate, 41% possession, over 100 more tackles in defence. No team has the right to win after such a poor performance, and Penrith made them pay for it. Things are not looking too bright in Bondi after they were touted as potential premiers preseason. I don’t feel we would have piled on that many points in a game where the opposition came in to play some serious footy.

I felt a bit ashamed of myself after the final siren. I was a bit disappointed we didn’t rack the 50 up, it felt a bit selfish of myself and should have been happy with the win.

Let’s hope this is the start of many of these performances (especially Luai).


A great performance against an opponent we always love to beat.

Not a single bad performance by any of the Penrith team.

The 3 man of the match selections were hard. Sorrenson obviously played his best game ever. I also went with Yeo for his Sattler like tackle and his cross field kick for To’o to score.

Third was tough, and I could have easily given to Luai, Fish, Edwards, Cleary, To’o or Kenny. But in the end I gave it to Leota for taking JWH out of the game with that strong carry, with the replay showing him grinning and mouthing off all the way into the contact.

All our forwards fired last night, our halves mixed it up, and our backs did what they do best. Most of all we worked as a team, and everyone had each others back.

The Roosters are in big trouble, Teddy looked as disinterested as could be, and was playing at 10% energy the whole game.

Forget the Luai v Hynes debate for NSW no 6. For mine it is now a no brained that Edwards takes the no 1, and Yeo is made Captain.

Great comeback for Martin as well, he played with the intensity of a bear who has been locked in a cage.

Big game next week, but I am expecting the team to make another big statement against the pretenders.


Friday night and Penrith Park was pumping. One of life’s pleasures is to sit in the grandstand as the stands empty, and soak up the atmosphere. It must have seemed like a huge black hole to the Rorters and their handful of supporters.
Then, today, I watched the Ch 9 Footy show, to see what impact the Penrith performance had on the supposed footy intelligentsia, after such an annihilation. Surprise, surprise, it was virtually all about the Rorters and their prop. In fact, I was unsure for a while who the Rorters played. Don’t you love the Ch 9 classy, unbiased assessment? If Slater was forced to be effusive about such a Penrith performance, I reckon he’d choke. If Hynes had played a similar game, they’d still be talking about it.

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3 Grand Finals, 2 Minor Premierships, 2 Premierships & the best 3 year winning percentage in the NRL era, and the media still doesn’t like to focus on us!!!


Ive only watched the Sunday Footy show twice this year, on both occasions we’ve been completely ignored. They did mention Yeo’s kick right at the beginning, but no analysis of any substance.

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HillsPanther that is gold - cracked me up. Dethroning the messiah, not gunna happen unfortunately…or from a Panthers perspective fortunately - F the SOO - I want another premiership !!!

I’m happy for us to be excluded from the debilitating commentary, especially on 9. Those nuffies don’t have a clue and Fittler and Joey have their bank balances on the auto cue when discussing footy.