Round 11 v Rosters MOTM

Vote for your Round 11 v Roosters Man of the Match

Penrith Panthers 48 Tries Scott Sorensen (2), Tyrone Peachey (2), Dylan Edwards, Brian To’o, Sunia Turuva, Jerome Luai.
Goals Nathan Cleary (8/8)
Sydney Roosters 4 Tries Corey Allan.
Goals Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii (0/1)
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Sunia Turuva
  • Tyrone Peachey
  • Stephen Crichton
  • Brian To’o
  • Jarome Luai
  • Nathan Cleary
  • Moses Leota
  • Mitch Kenny
  • James Fisher-Harris
  • Scott Sorensen
  • Zac Hosking
  • Isaah Yeo
  • Soni Luke
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Jaeman Salmon
  • Liam Martin

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Sooo hard to pick this week. All our guys deserved a vote!!!

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I’m surprised that one person didn’t feel that Sorensen wasn’t in their top three last night. I don’t know what more he could have done to get a spot.


Moses Leota was my standout. Both Hargraves drop ball was Moses about to belt him. What about his run back after a kick off Faaaaaaaarrrrr******

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I’m rewatching the game at the moment. I had enough trouble picking 3 on Friday night, watching it again I’m seeing a lot that I missed. Still happy with the 3 I picked, but geez it’s hard not to give most or all of them a vote. A very complete performance, right across the paddock.

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Forward thinking towards Panther members player of the year, the way thing are heading at this stage I think my vote will be between Edwards and Leota. Big Moses would get my vote as Edwards got it last year.

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