Are the Eels not as good as media have them?


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Surpised they pulled the trigger now but was not unexpected.

In many ways his departure was in large part due to missing his 7 in Moses, this week he lost Gutherson who almost singlehandedly was holding them together albeit still losing.

From reports Bennett has spurned their advances, i hope Parra do what i hope any club to do, find someone new and innovative who isn’t a recycled old hack.

If you read through the list of NRL coaches, despite getting sacked from one club, the same old coaches pop up somewhere else.

Surely there has to be someone who is different and wants to coach.

But that looks forlorn knowing they were talking to Bennett.

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I hope they get Winnie the Poo to coach, he likes a big spoon for his Honey, and he has Poo in his name, fits PERFECT :rofl: