Cleary appointed Panthers head coach

Finally official. Ivan Cleary is returning to Penrith on a five year deal, effective for 2019.

Don’t think any of us are surprised by this. I’m glad it’s finally confirmed and the speculation is over so we can get on with it.

Is Ivan the man to bring us a premiership? Will he see out all five years or will he get “tired” again? Was all the drama worth it for the Cleary combo? Time will tell, I suppose.

I hope Matty Johns know what he’s talking about, he reckons Ivan will deliver a premiership possibly 2 in his 5 year deal. He said our young squad is the best around with the potential to be the next big thing.

I think he could be right. All the pieces are in place now.

The team has the key playing group signed up for the long term, there is no head-hunting or rebuilding required, the junior pathways are running like a dream with the “junior factory” churning out quality players. The team now has had a few years with finals footy under it’s belt. Ivan won’t have to do the shitkicking that he has had to do at other clubs that are trying to rebuild.

All Ivan has to focus on is getting those boys into the Grand Final and to bring home a premiership.

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I truly hope that all goes well and we win a couple of comps in the next few years.

However I am a realist, and will be checking Ladbrokes for odds on IC not being here at the end of the contract. I think it’s more likely than not. Gould’s erratic management aside, it would be a good bet that any coach at any club is not there 5 years later. Note to self - how the hell is Stuart still at the raiders?? :thinking:

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The more things appear to change the more that stay the same and the recent coaching reshuffle with all clubs and importantly Cleary at Panthers shows to me at least…there are no new coaches out there coming through the ranks and worst of all we return to a coach who Gould sacked

How this all ends up is hard to tell but we get the same old rubbish trotted out about we have a young side…gees how many times have we heard this nonsense…then we get told over and over we have a junior pathway the envy of the league…gees i thought we had that genuinely when we won our first comp but no period of continued winning followed that …of course Gould walked out on us…but really readers and supporters its like we are being served up the same old koolaid in a new flash shiny bottle

Can we win a comp with Cleary…maybe…can Nathan grow under his dad as coach…perhaps…can Cleary work with Gould…they will say he can.

Me…i have seen this all before and it hasn’t ended well for anyone except for Gould.

Griffin couldn’t coach and Gould sacked Cleary to get Griffin for Gould to sack Griffin to get Cleary

MMMMM…only constant is?

No one can really argue your issues SBF, we all feel the same way to an extent, but given the changes, their are no excuses. If Ivan cannot deliver a premiership within 3 years, I’d reckon mrwalker might be having a shout or 2 lol, but he’d give up the win for a win right mrwalker? Actually that bet is a win win, I might investigate that myself ha haaaa

Yes, I think you’re right - it would be a win either way & I’d be happy to shout. Maybe it’ll be a win BOTH ways - IC wins us a comp in 20 & 21 and then Gould sacks him at end of 22 :grin:

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Call me crazy if you would like, but I think you will find Cleary staying on till 2023 (at least) and Gus moving on in the next year or so (either by his own choice, or have the decision made for him).

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when does Goulds contract expire ?

I don’t think he has a contract as it stands. He just goes year to year.

Puss, How can his contract expire if he is the one writing it lol - The 5 year plan meant nothing, he could get a job at my work, no accountability, damn frustrating!

Thoughts on the CC situation, does he suck it up or does the 1st grade itch get to him?

I think he’ll be happy going back to an assistant coach role alongside Wallace - even when he got the first grade gig he said he wasn’t sure it was what he wanted. If it was me I’d be happy to step back and let Cleary take the pressure instead!

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Just thinking outside the box, does IC have an issue with how the Griffin situation grew? I mean it was “he ‘lost’ the dressing room” and that they all wanted CC who was working as a Gus informant (if you listen to the rumours) which created the result we saw 4 weeks from the finals. Although, I am sure Nathan would inform his old man of what really happened, will Nathan be the IC CC? lol

How much has this Cleary/Griffen shuffle cost us?
If you believe some of the press scuttlebut, we’re
out millions in ‘pay outs’ and compensation to get
to this current arrangement. Hope it’s worth it !!!

Let’s face it, anything short of a g/f appearance now
would signal a monumental fail and a family feud
would create all sorts of headaches. IMO Nathan’s
short of being a ‘complete’ halfback and if his father
can’t get him to that next level …pressures on.

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Spot on Puss, this move is an ‘ALL IN’ play and rarely do they come off, particularly when their isn’t any bluffing, or is Gus still looking for ‘the river’ lol

The expectation is set now. IC has been given a team that can win a Premiership, and that’s what the club expects now, anything less will be a catastrophic failure on the coaches behalf. This would have to be one of the highest value (and longest) contracts a club has agreed to.

As a fan, I’m happy this is what’s happening, it should make for some entertaining footy, a premiership is accepted, and with the value of the contract, the fans are not going to be very receptive to excuses.

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Your last comment is the key Steve, we as Panther fans have had a gutful of the crap about why we constantly fail #noexcuses

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now there is talk of Merrin being released…gees we haven’t even started the Cleary reign and players are being released/let go.

and i thought they were telling us we had the team to win the comp…but wait its not really the team to win the comp…hold the press we are still building the team to win the comp

on expectations…Cleary and that is both of them had better hope we are not 0 from 7

Although why would they care…both have enormous 5 year contracts

Yow!! 0 from 7.
there’d be a few fans wishing to exercise their release clause.

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Merrin going is not new. He was playing less and less minutes and after coming to us as another of Gould’s marquee signings, he has gone from an Australian rep and SOO player to maybe 30th in line for a rep jumper. It was clear he was out of favour, and despite him being a fan fav as such a good bloke, the writing was on the wall. He has been a shadow of his former self since his fiancée traded him in This has zero to do with IC’s appointment.

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