Covid 19 lockdown

So how is everyone handling the situation?

I’m now working from home indefinitely.

Hope everyone and their families are ok.

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I was going into the office until today. working from home for the next few days at least. My sister has gone for the test because someone she works with has it. returned from OS and didn’t self isolate…what is wrong with people !

Fingers crossed she gets the all clear, my Dad is 73 and lives with her.

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Wish all the best for your family too Kev,

Some people are so inconsiderate it’s incredible. I am the only one who thinks the govt should of reopened North head or Dangar island for returning quarantine?


As a bus driver I’m classified as an “essential worker”, so I’m still working, but taking all precautions possible. Luckily most people are heeding the warnings, but unfortunately there are still a small percentage that aren’t.

Fingers crossed I stay healthy, as I’m living at Mum’s place at the moment, and she’s in her 70s. I also have a medical condition which could make it more dangerous for myself too.

I’ve had one friend contract it so far, and after hearing what she went through I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I’ve had a lot of friends either lose jobs, or have their hours cut back too. Unfortunately I think they will be the tip of the iceberg, with many more to follow. My brother & sister are also in new jobs which could potentially be cut if this drags on too long.

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… these inconsiderate buggers that return from o/s and DONT isolate
NOW (not as if they dont know what’s going on) should be gaoled for
14 days. Might get the hint then !


Sydney Airport this morning crammed with people returning
from overseas. Returning presumably because the borders
may be closed down. Is that to say they’d have stayed abroad
if they weren’t ? People don’t seem to be taking this pandemic
very seriously. Self isolate, yeah right. Can people like that be
trusted to do the right thing? I don’t understand ?

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If I was PM I would be flying them into Woomera or Tindal for quarantine.

The news story on SMH about the Ski group back from the US who then went to a dinner party with 80 people is just ridiculous.

I do hope governments think of using Hotels and Clubs as emergency accommodation/ hospitals.

Unfortunately I think this has a while to run yet

I like Vlad Putin’s message, isolate for 14 days or go to Gaol for 5 years…….

Would that be solitary confinement?

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LOL - Would have to be you’d think. O’l Vlad doesn’t take any shit of plebs in the street ha haaaa

This whole coronavirus is a bit depressing to be frank.

I working in the accounting sector and things are pretty grim for small business. Our business is essentially assisting small business financially manage themselves.

We work from home mostly (well before the work-from-home coronavirus thing) and work out of an office maybe once or twice a week. We have stopped physical meetings for now and now only doing meetings over online conferencing through platforms like Zoom (for some of our interstate clients we do this already).

But we have been non-stop for weeks now, super long days fielding calls and emails from clients stating to feel the pinch. Massive drop in revenue and landlords still expecting rent, suppliers still expecting payment. The government haphazardly releases snippets of relief and BAM our phones light up like NYE Fireworks. To be honest some of these stimulus programs help some, but won’t help most.

The we hear form colleges in the industry and they have told stories about business owners / clients committing suicide (at least 4 of these stories I have heard so far). We are in regular touch with our clients and see how they are doing and sometimes just listen to them and just be a sympathetic ear at the very least.

But it gets to you… emotionally. We face some problems now, but some businesses are going to really feel the pain and maybe pushed to the brink. Sadly, we can only do so much for now.

For now we are just hoping neither of us comes down with COVID-19.


“social distancing requirements flouted at Manly Beach”,
“everyone’s on holiday here”.
Source Nine News

Where’s Vladimir when you need him? :wink: :wink: :wink:


I hear ya Steve, having started at a small company (12 employees) just 7 months ago, I am mildly stressing about our situation. I have been told whilst our clients keep paying the flow on is we will keep getting paid. It’s a knife’s edge.

Could never contemplate suicide though, that is an extreme that is beyond comprehension for me. My family are my life and I need to be here to support them.

There are a gazillion mental health organisations available now, why do people take that awful step without having the conversation…….it is very sad to hear about Steve. All power to you bud, keep up the good work.


I’m finding it a double edged sword.

It’s very quiet out there, with virtually no traffic or passengers, so it’s the easiest work I’ve had in years. On the other hand, 3 of the top 4 areas for infections are in the zone I work in (Waverley, Sydney CBD & Woollahra), which means I’m a high risk for exposure.

Management are activating “Special leave” for employees who meet certain criteria, which I probably will, so I will be discussing it with my supervisor on Monday. Hopefully I will get away from the area and out of harms way for a few weeks.

so how you goin mutley?

you on leave?

wouldn’t recommend a cruise at the moment !

anyone got any covid snack suggestions?

how ‘bout baked beans & pineapple pieces on toast?

you’re right, this isolation business really stinks ! :smirk:

Dorito’s, hot chili salsa and a carton of Tooheys :rofl:

… bring smithy in we’d need one helluva exhaust fan. :laughing:

Hey Kev please be aware there’s a DUI checkpoint
on the corner of the hallway and kitchen. Stay safe.

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Unfortunately my leave wasn’t approved (my pre-existing condition wasn’t on their list), so I’m still out there trying to dodge the virus. Thankfully passenger numbers are around 20% of the usual, and I’m also getting less time on the road, so the risk isn’t what it could have been.

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