⚠ COVID-19 NRL Announcement

Only down side to the restart is I will have to pay for Kayo again lol.

At least I got off the Foxtel cable ripoff well before the Covid19 set in.

Never looked back even when I was pathetic ng them for Kayo mind you.

Received an email today from the club asking football members to consider to Take the Pledge & leave their membership (season ticket) money to support the club. It will be a substantial commitment to do that as it is likely that we will only get to see the one game for the season.
It is proposed that for members who do that, there will be a members honour board with each members name displayed.
I think I will ‘donate’ our 3 memberships. Our club has given me a lot of good memories over the years, and I have spent a lot in support of our club - what’s a few bucks?? :slight_smile:

Won’t even think twice about it mrwalker, and don’t even need the honour board.

As long as I have a club to support, I will support it. I have featherdick (parra) supporters bag me about how i’m always wearing Panther kit, I say nothing, smile to myself about their pathetic “support” and end up having a very good day from then on lol


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  • Rounds 3 and 4 have been announced for the NRL resumption on May 28. The following matches have been announced for the Penrith Panthers. The venue will be Campbelltown Stadium.

    • Penrith Panthers v Newcastle Knights @ Campbelltown Stadium- 31st May 2020 4:00pm
    • Penrith Panthers v New Zealand Warriors @ Campbelltown Stadium - 5th June 2020 6:00pm
  • The ARL Commission has announced the six venues that will be used when NRL matches resume from May 28. The stadiums are Bankwest Stadium, Campbelltown Stadium, Central Coast Stadium, Suncorp Stadium, Queensland Country Bank Stadium (Townsville) and AAMI Park. They will used until round nine pending another review.

neutral grounds, except for the privileged few !!!

so effectively Panthers play ALL their games away???

Yer the excuse is fairly floored. They say it is to limit the Canberra travel, if that is the case, why not make it win stadium, Dragons at home, Sharks and even Penrith, that would reduce the raiders travel time.

A bit farcical - BUT I just want the footy back on…….

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… without all the ancillary crap, 100 per cent. 1,2 or even 3 refs,
I couldn’t give a rats, don’t go to watch them. You know, they
shld piss all the press off from attending games as well, they
can watch on tv like us poor bastards. The circus is just so tiring.
They’re sure rubbing me the wrong way.

Next we will hear that the comp was reduced to 20 rounds in total so that the Rorters can have 5 rounds off and just be awarded the two points for their “bye” rounds…

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draw to be released today, but was seemingly leaked overnight. First headline “Roosters dudded”!

Haven’t had a chance to study our draw as yet

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