For a bit of fun

A bit of a game to distract us for a while. Make a list of 5-10 NRL players you have met, but one is a lie. Whoever guesses correctly who you haven’t met names their list, and so on… (Must be able to say where you met them, and must have actually talked to them, not just seen them)

  1. Phil Gould
  2. Steve Rogers
  3. Mick Cronin
  4. Matt Moylan
  5. Sean Ryan
  6. Ray Price
  7. Craig Gower
  8. Mark McLinden
  9. Dylan Edwards
  10. Cliff Lyons

Ray Price - Because no-one wants to talk to shitty Parra people :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The fact you’ve got Mick Cronin in there as well makes my stomach turn…you suck mutley ! :rofl:

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Only spoke to Cronin because I go into his pub whenever Im in Gerringong :joy::joy::joy:

Your turn Kev, this looks like fun

While we are waiting for Kevin, here are my answers:

  • Phil Gould - Met at a number of games & fan days during his recent stint at Panthers
  • Steve Rogers - Met while I was in hospital when I was about 9, his wife was in the same hospital & I was told if I could walk to her room I could meet him
  • Mick Cronin - Have had a drink in his pub a few times over the years, he was behind the bar most of the time
  • Matt Moylan - Met after games & at fan days while he was at Panthers
  • Sean Ryan - Neighbour & school friend growing up
  • Ray Price - Never met
  • Craig Gower - Met after a training session in Townsvile, as well as after a few games
  • Mark McLinden - Current workmate (if he decides to come back - has been on leave without pay for a few months)
  • Dylan Edwards - Met at fan days & games (was also taught be a former basketball teammate of mine when he was in primary school)
  • Cliff Lyons - Was doing work outside Brookvale oval in the mid 90s, players were showing up for training, Cliffy came over & said hi to my crew (only player who did BTW)

Okidoki, some obscure names just to throw the cat amongst the canaries lol

Paul Smith - Already mentioned the reactor nights, days lol
Sam McKendry - A couple of times, but in the Cairman’s lounge, told him he was my man crush and he had a better footy arse than Andrew Johns :flushed: poor bugger wanted to get away, but I had had a few lol - Saw him at St Mary’s for his return, he had an awkward smirk when he saw me ha ha haaaa
Mark Geyer - Who hasn’t if your a Penrith fan, been on the booze with him many times also.
Dan Hunt - Married to a relative
Peter Shiels - Junior rep Cricket, he was one of the fastest bowlers I have seen - LEGEND
Darrien Doherty - Also junior rep cricket
Craig Gower - Local legend, always say G’day when I see him at the Jamo
Nik Kosef - Manly rep teams, after their SG ball loss at the SFS, we went into the SCG sheds, I skulled some of the champagne and let out a 15 second burp, the roar was huge lol - Nik didn’t drink when we were out, way too committed. At a BBQ once he told me you could have a convo in a pub even if your the only patron “He said can you fight, I said who, he said you, I said me, he said yes, I said no”
Ivan Henjak - Never Met him - After a game at home against Wests, I walked through the tunnel in the players area, he was having a shower with the door open, The BIGGEST little man on earth :scream: :elephant:
John Hopoate - In the same manly rep team as Nik - We were out at Temptations one night, he and his cousin went looking for a fight, got into with 20 blokes then walked back to Blacktown where we were staying with a broken jaw - WILD unit

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Going to take a stab in he dark with Dan Hunt?

… it all points to Hoppa ! :thinking:

Met Dan at a family function, sorry mutley

Been on the booze with Hoppa a few times, sorry Puss - it should be noted, before he started fingering men :flushed:

Ivan Henjack my guess

Well done SHF - Your turn.

I will edit my original post for the facts.

My list;

Anthony Xuerub
Grant Izzard
Matt Rogers
Luke Cavell
Steve Ella
Peter Sterling
Tony Trudgent
Tulsen Tollet
Nathan Cleary
Ivan Cleary
Barry Walker

I’m thinking Matt Rogers

Nope, spent a night and half a day on a pub crawl with him and another on the list

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Tony Trudgent

I’ve got a fair idea of who the other player on the pub crawl might have been :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zip zip man Steve Ella ?

Okay here we go. Might be a bit hard, all these are past and present Panthers

  1. :white_check_mark: Craig Gower. Met several times, the time I remember most was his last game at Penrith
  2. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Luke Lewis. Never met him personally. Situation never presented itself.
  3. :white_check_mark: Trevor Gillmeister. Met him a few times where he hung out at Crushers Leagues Club.
  4. :white_check_mark: Kevin Kingston Met him several at his time at Panthers at the stadium
  5. :white_check_mark: Phil Gould. Most of you already kn this story, so I will leave it there.
  6. :white_check_mark: Des Hasler. Met him at brookvale Oval when Penrith were playing Manly.
  7. :white_check_mark: Greg Alexander. Met several times at the Chairman’s Club and around the grounds
  8. :white_check_mark: Tony Butterfield. Met him after one of the “Old Boys” matches at Penrith.
  9. :white_check_mark: Tim Sheens. Met him at Leichhardt Oval in 2012, his last season coaching there.
  10. :white_check_mark: Royce Simmons. Met him at the Chairman’s Club a few times.
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Steve - is it Tim Sheens?

Not Tim Sheens, met him at Leichhardt Oval in 2012, his last season coaching there.

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Mine not Trudgent - was my school teachers brother.

Not Ella either - our family camped next to his on a beach on the south coast sometime in the 80’s. Played touch footy with him and his kids / cousins